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How to Hang Posters Without Damaging the Wall or Poster
  by:  |  Feb 13, 2024
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Last updated on May 8th, 2024 at 04:21 pm

The best way to hang posters is to use adhesive and tools that will not damage your walls or the poster. The best adhesives include double-sided removable tape, removable putty, magic tape, and heavy-duty mounting tape. One can also use slide binders or binder clips.

Use adhesive and tools that won’t leave permanent marks on the wall, strip off paint, or even damage the poster. Here are some examples of tools that you can use to hang your poster safely:

  • Double-Sided Removable Tape – There are double-sided tapes that are specifically designed for putting up posters. This kind of tape has a gentle adhesive that doesn’t mark or damage the poster surface.
  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Tape – Heavy-duty mounting tape is your go-to if your posters are framed or made of heavy material. This can be a great alternative if you don’t want to drill or use nails but still want to keep your posters secure on the wall.
  • Magic Tape – Magic tape is ideal for light-colored posters because it’s not as visible as other types of tape. Even after long use, this tape easily detaches and won’t leave any residue on the poster.
  • Removable Putty – Removable putty is just as gentle as double-sided tape. This is recommended if your posters are made of rigid material. Too much putty can create small bumps and crumpling at contact points, even with cardstock paper. Don’t use putty on freshly or poorly painted surfaces; it could peel off some paint.
  • Slide Binders – Thread binders through your posters’ edges and edges and thread a string on the top edge. You could hang your posters from rods, screws, nails, or wherever you need them. The bottom binder will give the poster more weight so it can hang properly.
  • Binder Clips – Use multiple binder clips to hold posters and photo enlargements – or smaller prints like postcards. You can hang them on lines, hooks, or screws against or away from walls.

How to Hang Posters: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to hang posters

Step 1: Mark the spot: Before sticking anything, use a level or tape measure to make sure your poster will be straight on the wall.

Step 2: Apply adhesive: Place the poster face down on a clean surface. Add dabs of adhesive on the corners, center, and midpoints on the back of the poster.

Step 3: Stick it up: Hold the poster by the top corners and position it on the marked spot on the wall. Gently press the top corners firmly where the adhesive is.

Step 4: Smooth it out: Use your hands to carefully smooth down the poster from the center outwards, pushing out any air bubbles or wrinkles as you go. Make sure to apply pressure on all corners and gently smooth out the edges so the poster is wrinkle-free.

Step 5: Secure the bottom: Once the top and sides are smooth, press down firmly on the bottom corners where the adhesive is applied.

Here are a few preparations to keep in mind as well:

1. Keep the Poster Flat and Clean

If your poster isn’t framed or rolled, it’s a must to flatten it out first. To do this, lay the poster on the floor and weigh it down at the corners for a few hours using books or heavy items. This will keep your poster from curling back and help make hanging your poster easier. If your poster has a glossy finish or is printed on photo-quality cardstock, ensure it’s free from oil, grime, dirt, fingerprints, and smudges.

2. Prep Wall Surfaces

Any effort to hang your poster will be in vain if your wall surfaces are not prepped enough for installation. If you use an adhesive, your poster won’t stick if the surface is dirty or oily. Clean every surface, get into every nook and cranny with a rag and use warm water or a cleaning agent to ensure every space is squeaky clean. Also, ensure the wall is completely dry before applying the poster.

With the right methods and tools, hanging posters without damaging your walls is achievable. Keep in mind that the better the quality of the poster, the better it will hold up to various mounting tools.

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