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Raised Foil Business Cards


Elevate first impressions with raised foil business cards. 

Want a simple way to glam up your introductions? Print raised foil business cards.  

Hand them to your prospects and watch their amazement as your cards sparkle and shine when light hits the foil accents. Feel the excitement as fingertips discover the three-dimensional texture of raised foil. It’s easy to see how raised foil printing can take business introductions to a whole new level. 

Know Your Raised Foil Basics 

Raised foil finish is a printing effect that combines traditional spot UV with foil stamping. 

The Raised Effect 

The embossed areas are thicker and have a slightly different texture, so your foil accents are more defined to the touch. The height of the raised foil is a full 50 microns above the paper’s surface. 

The Foil Effect 

Foil printing is achieved using a process called hot foil stamping. Pressure and heat are applied to transfer metallic foil onto the paper. The result is a smooth and shiny finish that glows like real metal. Three raised foil colors are available: gold, silver, and holographic. 

A Stock With Substance 

Our 16 pt. cardstock features soft velvet laminate on both sides.  This makes it the perfect backdrop to showcase the glitter and glam of your raised foil design accents. This weighty stock has a premium feel. 

The Perfect Size for Any Introduction

Raised foil business cards come in the U.S. standard size which is 2" x 3.5". This refers to the finished business card design that’s printed and ready to be handed out.  

Handy Tips That Raise the Bar 

Start creating your own raised foil business cards today. Just remember to:   

  • Ensure the raised foil accents in your design are well-defined and highlight important elements that you want to convey.  
  • Choose colors that will contrast nicely with your foil accents.  
  • Take advantage of our free design templates so you can easily make your own raised foil business cards today! 

Size. Color. Material. It's all here, and more.

1 Paper/Stock Options

Guidelines for setting up your print file for raised foil printing.

  • For better results, please make sure that foil coverage is less than 50%. Otherwise, the foil will be wavy and won't look good. The only time a 50% to 70% coverage is acceptable is with patterns, thin strokes or small shapes.
  • The raised foil file must be a vector art created in a vector based program such as illustrator. Otherwise you won't have sharp edges on the artwork if you use a raster image for the raised foil mask file.
  • We do not recommend having fonts smaller than 10 pt on the Raised Foil Artwork. However if you use fonts with thicker strokes or bold fonts, we do not recommend having fonts smaller than 12pt.




If you need help setting up your file, call Customer Service at 888-888-4211 and ask about our Design Services.

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