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Liven Up Your Business Establishment With Custom Wall Stickers

Is your office, restaurant, or retail store looking a little too plain and drab? Apply colorful and creative wall stickers to encourage visitors and staff productivity. Whether you’re displaying decorative patterns, a company logo, or motivational quotes, you can easily create a design and have it ready here on UPrintingHere are some of the beneficial features of this product as décor or promotional tool.

Removable, Reusable, and Repositionable  

You can create removable wall stickers that are easy to apply and then reposition after use. The adhesive fabric is made of doesn’t leave a mark and can be reapplied if you need to display them again.  


Variety of Standard Shapes & Custom Sizes 

Several sizes are available for the four standard shapes: circle, oval, rectangle, and square. Find the right dimensions for your wall display or choose a custom size if you have a specific shape in mind. Custom size options range from 3” to 120” for width and 3” to 59” for height. 


Made of Sturdy and Easy-to-Install Material 

All wall decals are made of high-quality adhesive polyester fabric suited for indoor displays. Application is fast, easy, and resistant to wrinkles or ripping. They last at least 5 years with proper care and installation.  



Customize Your Vinyl Wall Stickers 

Input your desired specs. Measure your designated wall space to ensure you get the correct size and shape. Note that the adhesive vinyl comes in a solid colored background, so it is meant to complement your wall’s hue or blend in with paint.

Upload your artwork or create a design online. Use our online design tool to create custom wall stickers based on your chosen size and shape. Select “Create Your Design Online at the bottom of the calculator to use this option. 

 If you have a print-ready design, upload it in PDF format after selecting “Upload your file & order now.” All submitted files go through a 30-point technical and automated check before printing. You can also request a free PDF proof to review and approve to ensure all details are accurate before production. 

How to Apply Wall Stickers 

clean the surface

Make sure the wall surface is clean and dry

It should be free of dust and grime.

Peel off edge of the backing

Peel off the backing edge and then apply the decal carefully against the wall

Use tape to keep the decal in place as you peel off the backing. 

use a squeegee to press the wall sticker

Use a squeegee to press the decal onto the wall.

This helps prevent air bubbles from appearing under your sticker.



Wall Stickers FAQs 


Q: Will the wall stickers damage the paint on my wall? 

A: No, our wall stickers or decals will not damage the paint on your wall. Theseare made from an adhesive fabric that is removable and reusable without leaving any residue upon application and removal 

Q: What are the sizes available for large wall stickers? 

A: The largest sizes for each shape are as follows: 

  • Square/rectangle – 36” x 36” 
  • Oval – 16” x 20” 
  • Circle – 18” x 18” 
  • Custom (W x H)  120” x 59”  

Q:  How long will wall stickers last? 

A: Our wall stickers last for at least 5 years with proper installation and care. You may refer to the installation instructions above. 

Q: Can I reapply wall stickers and will a mark be left on the side it was removed from? 

A: Yes, the wall stickers are removable, reusable, and repositionable. The adhesive material won’t leave a mark on the surface it is removed from.  

Q: What is the difference between regular stickers and wall  stickers? 

A: Yes, this is an option that you find on the product calculator. Adding rounded corners with a 1/8" radius will prevent the corners of your stickers from peeling