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Wall Stickers


Wall Stickers to Liven Up Your Establishment 

Create wall stickers or decals that will add more personality to your brick-and-mortar store and office. Display your logo behind the cashier to establish brand recall or at the reception where you welcome clients. Print inspiring messages to motivate employees or decorate the area with images that add style to your space. 

Print in any of the standard shapes available or select custom dimensions to achieve the exact look you need. All custom wall stickers are made of durable yet removable and repositionable adhesive material. The material makes installation easy, yet your design lasts throughout changing seasons. 

The Advantages of Our High-Quality Wall Stickers  

Reusable yet durable adhesive material. All wall stickers or decals are printed on sturdy yet removable adhesive fabric or vinyl. This material lasts indoors and can be applied easily using the steps below. You can also take the removable wall stickers and reapply them in another area. They’re also easy to place on either flat or curved surfaces. Just make sure the area is clean and free of dust. 

These materials come with a white background by default. If you need the wall sticker to contrast the surface it’s applied on, create a design with a different background color. 

Standard shapes and custom dimensions. Print in a shape that matches your logo. Choose from several square or rectangle, circle, or oval sizes on the online calculator. You can add rounded corners to the square or rectangle sizes for a smoother finish to the edges. 

If you have a specific shape in mind, select “Custom” as your shape, and a pop-out window will let you combine different widths and heights. Sizes range from 3” to as big as 120” for width and up to 59” for height. 

Easy to use online design tool that lets you create the custom wall sticker on your browser. Use our online design tool to create artwork from scratch. After inputting your specifications, select “Create Your Design Online” at the bottom of the online calculator.

How to Create Distinct Wall Décor Stickers

Consider the mood your wall décor will be setting. Are you decorating a conference room or a common area? The former would require a more formal or professional approach while the latter can play around more with different color palettes. Areas like your pantry can be more playful and cheerful with the décor.  

Pick a color combination that is on brand and easy on the eyes.  

You want the wall stickers to attract customers or clients in your establishment. It should also encourage staff to be productive or help rest their eyes after hours of staring at their screen. Choose colors within your brand guidelines for consistency but print them ina shade that doesn’t shock the eyes. Make sure the colors also complement the wall your sticker is applied on. 

Apply it to a strategic location that will increase your brand exposure. Want to encourage customer loyalty? Use a wall sticker to promote your gift card or encourage downloading an app they could use for points. You can also guide customers toward buying your new product line with images or copy that lead to that area. Want to increase repeat sales? Place a wall sticker with your online site or social media handles near the exit. 



How to Apply Wall Stickers




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