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Sealing Stickers


Freshness Safety First With Sealing Stickers

Make safety your brand’s priority with sealing stickers. Tamper-evident stickers give your brand a guarantee of freshness. Customers can rest assured your products come to them sealed and unopened. Use sealing stickers on jars, bottles, and bags. Choose custom shapes and sizes for your sealing stickers and print on a roll for easy application. Durable sticker stock materials with a variety of lamination options are available. 

Professionally Printed Protection for Your Products 

UPrinting’s sealing stickers are durable by design. The thick sticker material makes it obvious if the product was tampered with, giving your customers the assurance they need.   

For jars and bottles that require refrigerationyou’ll need sticker material that can withstand extreme temperatures. White Vinyl and BOPP are among the hardiest sticker materials available. White Vinyl is resilient to a temperature range of -65° to 200°F while BOPP can withstand 14° to 176°F. Textured materials can also be refrigerated but they are not waterproof.   

A finishing coat on your sealing stickers can immediately elevate your design. Lamination provides an extra layer of protection from surface scratches and gives a premium, luxurious feel 

  • Gloss Outdoor Laminate is a finishing coat best used for products destined for the outdoors. The gloss lamination gives your sealing stickers UV protection and light resistance. 
  • Gloss Indoor Laminate gives stickers a vibrant shine. Bright and image-heavy designs benefit most from a gloss finish.  
  • Matte Coating gives textured materials a smooth and silky finish. Perfect for premium and gourmet products.  
  • Matte Laminate lends a muted effect that make lighter hues pop out more. Its subtle touch provides a glare-free surface for your sealing stickers. 

How Do I Use Sealing Stickers? 

Sealing stickers are an incredible boon in giving customers a worry-free experience with your products. It assures them of quality, freshness, and authenticity – not to mention saving you tons of money from wasted goodsWe’ve collated a few guidelines to follow in ensuring your sealing stickers do the job:  

Plan ahead. Tamper-evident stickers are often placed on top of a jar or bottle running along its side or shoulder. You need to decide if this is adequate for your product. If this insufficient, you can wrap the food or jar label along the sealing sticker, giving another layer of protection.  

Design with the seal in mind. While sealing stickers are a guarantee of freshness, you still have to take into account for aesthetics. Your stickers should complement the overall look of your product and must not clash with the rest of the design.  

Choose the right material. There is a balance in selecting sealing sticker material. Too strong, your customers won’t be able to open your package. Too weak, the seal might break during transit. Consider your product and your market as you customize your order.  


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Sealing Stickers templates.

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