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Custom Bubble Mailers


Pack, seal, and deliver quickly with custom bubble mailers 

Packaging comes in a variety of forms. But when you want to ship your products quickly and economically, custom printing bubble mailers are the best choice.  

Get your products out of the store and into customers’ homes in no time. Custom bubble mailers are great when you need to be frugal with your choice of materials and shipping but still be able to promote your brand.

What Are Custom Bubble Mailers? 

Kraft mailers are lined with bubble wrap, which prevents damage to products during shipping. These are self-sealing, so you don’t need a separate adhesive to close the package. 

The kraft exterior is printable and writable, allowing you to add notes to customers or print your brand logo. Bubble envelopes have a seamless bottom and side seams that keep fragile products safe from breakage and scratches. These are great for sending flat items such as: 

  • Jewelry and accessories 
  • Documents 
  • CDs and DVDs 
  • Small electronics 
  • Educational materials 
  • Clothing and apparel

Why You Should Use Printed Bubble Mailers 

Ship products confidently and securely with padded mailers. With an air-filled layer on the inside and a strong, tear-resistant exterior, kraft mailers can make product distribution faster and more economical. Our online printing services allow you to print your artwork front and back for better brand exposure.  

Here are more reasons to consider bubble envelopes for shipping:  

  • Secure and Durable  Padded mailers add a layer of protection to products, ensuring that the product is protected from packing to shipping. The bubble wrap inside the mailer prevents collision damage while in transit.  
  • Compact and Lightweight – Kraft padded mailers hardly take up much space. They store flat and don’t require assembly, saving you a lot of storage space and time.  
  • Inexpensive and Customizable – Padded mailers take less material to produce, passing on the savings from production to customers. They can be customized with a company logo to help promote your brand.  

Increase Brand Visibility With Custom Printed Bubble Envelopes

Custom bubble mailers come in three (3) sizes with a large printable area for artwork. Choose the size that fits your needs: 

Size Printable Area
 6.5" x 9"  6" x 8"
 8.5" x 11"  8" x 10"
 10.5" x 15"  8" x 14"

Custom printed padded mailers come in three (3) colors: white, gold/yellow, and brown. Add your company logo and other business information to the printable area. You can print on the front only or front and back. This will help boost your brand visibility and keep your company on top of people’s minds.  

Due to the transparent nature of ink, gold/yellow and brown kraft material would show through the print and affect its color.  Also, white areas of the file will show the yellow or kraft material.  If your artwork needs to have a white background or font, choose white bubble mailers.

Custom Bubble Mailer FAQs

Q: Is the kraft paper waterproof? 

A: It is not waterproof. 


Q: Do I need to use adhesive on these mailers? 

A: No, our kraft bubble mailers have a self-sealing closure that makes the packaging tamper-evident 


Q: What are my color options? 

A: We offer kraft bubble mailers in white, brown, and gold/yellow. Choose the color that complements your design.  


Marketing Ideas

How to Elevate Custom Packaging for Your Small Business 

Bubble Mailers

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