How to Elevate Custom Packaging for Your Small Business
  by:  |  Nov 27, 2020
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Last updated on August 26th, 2021 at 09:57 pm

Accelerating business growth through quality custom packaging is quickly becoming a priority for many small businesses. More and more, we see our UPrinting community invest in custom boxes, packaging sleeves, custom labels, and even personalized inserts to elevate their customer’s experiences.

Plein De Vie custom boxes

Custom box packaging for Plein De Vie. The female-owned and operated brand creates handmade roller ball fragrances infused with crystals, crystal infused bath bombs, and crystal soaps.


Surveys and studies will tell you one thing — branded packaging brings big value for your business. But just to give you an idea:

  • 72% of American consumers say that packaging design influences their purchasing decision. (Ipsos)
  • 71% of American consumers say they are more likely to buy products in paper or cardboard packaging. (Ipsos)
  • 60% of online shoppers say that branded or gift-like packaging gets them excited about receiving the package. (Dotcom Distribution)
  • 50% of online shoppers say they are more likely to recommend products to friends if they came in branded or gift-like packaging. (Dotcom Distribution)


According to a study by Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data, e-commerce growth is projected to hit a whopping 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022. With the market growing, we can expect more brands to further saturate different industries; and with that, there will be a pressing need for you to stand out from the rest.

This where branded packaging comes into play, and here are effective ways small businesses are making sure they stay on top of their packaging game.

Highlight What Makes Your Brand Unique

Professional packaging allows small businesses to show off their unique selling point; something that can help them stand out from competitors.

And where packaging is concerned, custom boxes are among the most effective ways to underline what makes your products and services different while letting your clients know that you care about their experience.

One box that immediately caught my eye is the New Norm Box that we printed for Fosters Ink. It’s easy to tell why.

Fosters Ink custom mailer box

Dark, bold, and distinct – The New Norm Box is a sure standout!

Created by Cruz Foster, co-owner of Crooked Crows Tattoo, the box is packed with cool branded swag including a sublimated mask, custom tagged T-shirt, sticker, and $300 gift certificate for a custom tattoo.

Their unique box design effectively highlights its original merchandise. The design elements seamlessly complement their message and showcase what makes their brand and their offer special.

According to Foster, “I was super nervous. First time making the boxes but super happy with the way they came out.” Foster’s New Norm boxes are currently sold out but do keep your eyes peeled, they might release a new batch.

Customize Packaging Design With Your Brand in Mind

Branded packaging encourages customers to remember you well after their purchase. Well-planned and executed packaging design can turn first-time buyers into repeat customers, and if your packaging design resonates with them, they will become your brand advocates, too.

Think of all the social media marketing you can get for FREE from your happy customers’ tags and mentions!

Taking your product packaging design to the next level does not necessarily mean switching to custom boxes. There are other factors to consider of course. It could be that your product does not necessarily need it, or that your budget does not permit the big upgrade yet.

No worries, you can apply simple yet meaningful changes to give your product the shelf advantage and the visual impact it needs to be noticed.

Enter – packaging labels.

Lemon Thyme Macarons custom labels

Whenever Lemon Thyme Macarons pops in our feed, it is always a visual treat!

Based in Roslyn, Washington, owner Charmaine Mosiman turned her love for colorful confectionaries into a thriving business. Her passion for making beautiful desserts has taken her and her tasty creations to local markets, coffee shops, and wedding shoots.

Lemon Thyme Macarons’ packaging enriches the products’ overall look superbly. Packed in a simple brown box, Charmaine makes strategic use of the cut-out to give customers a peek of the macarons inside. Packaging labels are added to the box for branding and then topped with a pretty bow to tie everything together.

And while we’re on the subject of transforming a simple brown box into a packaging design peg, check out how Alana Fusco, owner and designer of Made by Alana did it with packaging sleeves!

Made by Alana makes scene-stealing handmade earrings and custom jackets. The brand’s warm hues are reflected excellently from their products to their packaging, which helps customers recognize and remember their brand in an instant.

brown packaging sleeves

Completing Alana’s custom sleeve design is their logo and links to their online platforms. The additional text print informs customers how to reach them and where to go if they need to purchase more of the brand’s beautifully crafted pieces.

Besides the visual component, your branded packaging design should be functional. After all, it will hold your product securely in place during transit.

What use is a beautiful packaging if your customer ends up unboxing a ruined item?

To add an extra layer of protection to their products, Bows and Ribbons wraps theirs in custom tissue paper.Doesn’t the overall packaging make you feel like the brand cares about your experience?


I think it does. The custom tissue paper makes sure the products inside remain in tip-top shape when customers receive their order. They even added a ribbon to tie everything in securely.

Now that’s thoughtful branded packaging if you ask me. Plus, it’s so pretty!

Add Personalized Touches Through Custom Inserts

Personalized inserts add a thoughtful touch to your packaging. A logo sticker, postcard, flyer, or a calendar creates opportunities for you to underline your message further, which is exactly the case for Tiny Human Supply Co.

Tiny Human Supply Co custom postcards

The premium baby care brand includes custom postcards that go into their mailer boxes. The discount cards make for a wonderful surprise treat and are a great way to encourage repeat sales.

Other small businesses also add thank you notes and other personalized messages that allow them to inform, engage, and ultimately, build a relationship with their clients.


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