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Medical Labels and Medical Stickers

Custom Medical Labels
  • Over 5 sizes for square & rectangle
  • Waterproof and oil-resistant
  • Protective gloss or matte coating
Custom Bottle Labels
  • Order in bulk for your product restock
  • Customize the label’s size and shape
  • Approve a PDF proof before printing
Custom Medical Stickers
  • Rounded corners for square & rectangle
  • Design a label in a die-cut shape & size
  • Indoor and outdoor friendly materials
Custom Medical Team Stickers
  • Print emergency response team labels
  • Upload or create a design online
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
Custom Health Safety Stickers
  • Print warnings & caution signs
  • Adheres to any kind of surface
  • Custom shapes for roll stickers
custom floor graphics
  • Available in Large formats
  • Reusuable Adhesive that leaves no residue
  • Custom shapes available

Free Design Templates for COVID-19 Stickers and Labels

3 Easy Steps To Get Started

  1. 1Download a template below
  2. 2Go to our Custom Stickers Page
  3. 3Upload your ready-to-print file or design online.

Display Important Information and Instructions With Durable Medical Labels and Stickers


The fast pace and high demand for medical services require clear and straightforward communication. Medicine labels and stickers help reduce errors and quickly disseminate essential information throughout different medical processes. Print clear, durable, and waterproof medical grade labels for your prescription medicines, laboratory samples, and equipment requiring tamper-proof seals.  


Our custom medical labels come in two formats. You can choose according to the quantity, size, and shape required for your order. 


Cut-to-size labels and stickers are recommended for order quantities below 250 pieces. Best for manual application on items like laboratory samples and small prescription medicine containers. Other features specific to cut-to-size labels and stickers include: 

  • It comes in special shapes like the arch, heart, hexagon, and starburst. 
  • Available in the indoor friendly 70 lb. label or waterproof 4 mil. white vinyl. 
  • Add rounded corners to your shape of choice.  


Roll labels are perfect for bulk orders above 250 pieces. Each roll fits in a standard label gun. Recommended for those applying product labels to large quantities of items. This format also suits other designs such as: 

  • Custom shapes and sizes beyond the standard rectangle, square, circle, or oval. 
  • Rounded corners for the rectangle and square medical sticker. 
  • To be used on samples or products that will be refrigerated or exposed to water. 

Medical Labels and Stickers FAQs


What materials are the stickers made of?  

Cut-to-size stickers can be printed in the following materials: 

  • 70 lb. label works best for indoor use. It is not waterproof and recommended only for decorative or simple medical stickers. Comes in matte, gloss, or high gloss protective coating. 
  • 4 mil. white vinyl high gloss (UV) is waterproof and prevents the label design from fading. 


Roll stickers are available in the choices below: 

  • White premium sticker paper is oil and water resistant. It is not writable and best applied on items that are stored indoors. 
  • White, silver, clear, and rainbow holographic BOPP is oil- and chemical-resistant. Apply on medicines or samples that are stored in a refrigerator. 
  • White vellum texture, laid texture, and cream laid texture stays water-resistant for at least four hours in an ice bucket. Recommended for products or items stored indoors. 


What is the difference between medicine stickers and medicine labels? 

A medicine label is applied to provide information about specific products or items like prescription medicines, laboratory samples, and surgical equipment. 


Stickers are not necessarily associated with the object they’re attached on. A medical sticker can be in the form of icons such as the stethoscope, band-aid, and heart.  


What is required on an OTC label? 

An over-the-counter product label should contain the item’s active ingredients and corresponding dosage units. It should also communicate the product’s uses or indications, as well as specific warnings. 


Where else can I print other types of COVID-19 labels? 

Need to print a poster with helpful information about COVID-19? Download any of these free CDC design templates and we’ll print them for you as a poster. You can also download other coronavirus-related templates for restaurant banners, social distancing signs, and grocery delivery flyers. 


What is the minimum order quantity for labels? 

You can order as few as 25 pieces for cut-to-size labels or stickers. Roll labels require a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces.