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Cosmetic Labels


Beautify Your Brand With High-Quality Cosmetic Labels 

Create cosmetic labels that will instantly grab your customers’ attention. Whether you’re introducing a new eyeshadow line or rebranding a best-selling skincare set, our variety of printing features lets you choose the best shape, size, and color to identify and inform consumers about your hot new beauty item. Standard shapes such as circle, oval, square, and rectangle are available. You can also print in other styles like hexagon or arch for individual cut-to-size labels. Bulk roll labels can be printed in the custom width and height of your choice.  

Read on to find out how else you can maximize the variety of features for your cosmetic labels. 

How to Create Effective Cosmetic Packaging  

Combine features that showcase your brand identity. What impression do you need to make once the customer sees your label? Are you an affordable brand for the girl next door or a luxury line worth investing in? The colors, shine, finish, and overall appearance should exude this image. Gloss or high gloss is perfect for bright and bold colors, while the matte finish brings out an understated elegance.   

Employ design trends to stand out from the competition. Find the balance between modern and timeless in choosing the right trend. You want something that conveys relevance but won’t lose its appeal over time. For example, bold patterns and colors are a staple regardless of the current trends. Step away from the typical complimentary combinations and try out bolder mixes between yellow and purple or black and neon pink. If your brand needs a softer look, florals and minimalist designs have also stood the test of time.  

Find the best central point in the entire design. Your overall design can’t be too busy or loud. In one glance, the customer should be guided toward your logo or the product name—whichever will confirm that your item is what they’re looking for.   

Make sure the size and shape you choose can achieve this. It shouldn’t be too big that the identifier isn’t distinct or too small that it eats up the supporting information (e.g. net weight, purpose, brand name, etc.) that they’ll need while checking out your product.  

Need a print-ready file to help you start on the design? Download any of the available cosmetic label templates in your preferred size and shape. All downloadable files include the trim, bleed, and caution line to ensure an accurate print.   

Print on a material that will keep the look fresh and clean. The cosmetics label will have to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. For items that will be displayed and used indoors, print in 70 lb. label. Skincare items or any toiletries used in the bathroom should be printed on waterproof vinyl.  

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Labels are only one component of your tactile branding experience. Complete the cosmetic packaging you send out with these other important print marketing items:

Cosmetic Labels FAQs

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Cosmetic Labels templates.

Save time by using our free templates. Our templates have been setup with proper bleeds and margins, assuring your print job turns out accurate. To download, select a file type and click on the size below.

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