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Lip Gloss Labels


Create Lip Gloss Labels for All Types of Packaging  

Design lip gloss labels in the exact size and shape you need for your special and regular product lines. Choose from the four standard shapes or print in custom sizes to match your design. Comes in waterproof and indoor-friendly materials with protective coatings.   

Your custom lip gloss labels come in singles (cut-to-size) or roll formats. Select the format that matches the quantity or application suited for your product and packaging. Use a print-ready template or go to the easy online design tool for real-time results. Here are the best features available to achieve the perfect label you want. 

Combine High-Quality Qualities for Your Custom Lip Gloss Labels 

The best format for your quantity and application. 

Single or cut-to-size is recommended for orders under 250 pieces. Usually applied on product containers or packages by hand.  

Rolls fit most automatic label dispensers for faster application on hundreds to thousands of product packaging.  


Custom sizes to fit your package or container. 

Combine the exact dimensions your design requires with the variety of width and height options available. Select “Custom” as your shape and a list of dimensions will appear. This option is available for both cut-to-size/single and roll labels.  


A variety of shapes for your design. 

You can design cut-to-size or singles labels  in 7 shapes: from the regular square/rectangle, circle, or oval, to more unique forms such as hexagon, heart, or starburst.  

If you need a specific size, a wider variety of dimensions are available under roll labels.  You can also choose from the standard sizes under rectangle, square, circle, or oval. 


Materials that protect your label from water, oil, chemicals, and weather conditions.   

If your lip gloss labels will be displayed in-store and used primarily indoors, the affordable 70 lb. label is available for the singles/cut-to-size format.   

Brands selling lip products in outdoor areas such as the beach can print labels on waterproof BOPP or vinyl. BOPP comes in white and clear backgrounds, while vinyl is perfect for solid colored designs exposed to the sun and other outdoor elements.    

Check out the Materials & Specs tab for more information.  

How to Properly Label Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products such as lip gloss, lotions, lipsticks, creams, and perfumes have specific label requirements from the FDA. Any cosmetic items that don’t follow the label requirements below count as misbranded and “may be subject to regulatory action,” as stated in the FDA site about cosmetics.  

Below are the mandated sections for lip gloss labels and other cosmetics: 

  1. The principal display panel should indicate the name of the product or show a descriptive name. You can also show its use or nature through an illustration. 
  2. Net quantity of contents in the package written as numerical count, measure, weight, or a combination of weight/measure and numerical count.  
  3. Name and place of the business that markets the product must be found on the label’s information panel. Include the street address, city, state, and zip code. 
  4. Declaration of ingredients is required for all cosmetics distributed or produced for sale. It should be clear enough for the customer to read upon buying the item. Ensure that the letters are not less than 1/16’’ in height and that the labeling consumes less than 12 square inches of the total package surface. Arrange ingredients in the descending order of their predominance or how much of each is contained in the whole item based on metrics like weight.  
  5. Label warnings to indicate if the product is hazardous when misused or applied in the wrong directions. Lay out the correct directions for use or application.  


Lip Gloss Labels FAQs

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