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Large Format Poster Printing for Art Pieces and Designs

If you're looking for ways to revamp your business' marketing campaign, then UPrinting's large format posters are what you need. These are best used by beauty salons and clothing stores. Aside from advertising, posters are also perfect as decorative materials to cover big, blank wall spaces. As for personal use, full-color poster printing is great for making bigger copies of family photos.

Here at UPrinting, you can order up to 50 posters per job order, with a printing turnaround of 1 business day. You can choose between high-gloss and semi-gloss HP photo paper for your prints, or 20 mil. hard styrene material for rigid, frame-free posters. Our high-gloss posters bring out the colors in your images and are great for reproducing detailed photos. Semi-gloss posters have a soft shine, which cuts down glare for easy reading. 20 mil. styrene is ideal for light outdoor use or for ready-to-hang posters with no framing need.We have pre-set standard poster size options all the way to 3' x 6' (36" x 72") but you can always talk to us about custom size options.

Feel free to call us us at 888-888-4211 for inquiries about large format posters. Print large posters today.

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Save time by using our free templates. Our templates have been setup with proper bleeds and margins, assuring your print job turns out accurate. To download, select a file type and click on the size below.

Learning Center

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With UPrinting you can rest assured that your print product will turn out right the first time. We offer superior quality printing all backed by our 100% quality guarantee. Don't compromise on quality and see the UPrinting difference!
Best Prices
Uprinting is proud to offer our superior quality printing at the best possible price. We continually strive to provide our customers with the best instant pricing available through our easy to use website.
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UPrinting offers some of the fastest printing turnaround times found online. With its 1 day turnaround option you can have your product printed and shipped within 24 hours*. Local pickup is also available in the Los Angeles area.
Customer Service
Have a question or need help placing an order? We're here to help! Our printing specialists are available 24 hours a day Monday-Friday and from 8am-5pm PST on weekends!
Eco Friendliness
Protecting the environment, our customers and our employees is one of our highest concerns. To do this we use vegetable based inks with low VOC emissions and offer paper options that contain up to 55% postconsumer recycled content.
File Inspection
Get your files proofed and checked for errors without paying a cent. We're so confident in the quality of our printing that we provide 100% free proofing. No order commitment or credit card is required!