Custom Stickers


Custom sticker printing makes your brand stick.

Custom sticker printing is a go-to marketing strategy for good reason. They add personality to your product packaging or serve as giveaways that will cultivate brand impressions. Anyone impressed with the design will place your organization’s custom sticker on their laptop or notebook cover.

Custom Sticker Options: Cut-to-Size and Roll Sticker

Cut-to-size or individually cut stickers are perfect for handing out at small events or in your store. Roll stickers fit in most label dispensers or can be used by hand, perfect for fast application on packaging, boxes, and containers. Custom stickers are available in four die-cut shapes: rectangle, square, circle, or oval. Our custom stickers are affordable, precisely-cut, and durable.

Durable Materials for Every Use

Our wide range of materials make each custom sticker design last. We offer four durable options for cut-to-size stickers:

Cut to Size Sticker Paper Options
70 lb. Label Gloss
70lb Sticker or Label Gloss Paper
A shimmery finish perfect for indoor use.
70lb. Label Matte
70lb Sticker or Label Matte paper
A smooth, satin-like finish that can be written on and perfect for labelling several products indoors.
70 lb. Label High Gloss (UV)
70 lb. Sticker or Label High Gloss (UV) Paper
UV resistant coating that gives an extra gloss and can distinguish premium items in your store.
4 mil. White Vinyl High Gloss UV
4 mil. White Vinyl High Gloss UV Paper
A UV resistant option that’s also waterproof and can be used outdoors as well. 
Indoor Use
Outdoor Use      
Writable Permanent ink marker or ball point pen
UV Resistant

Your custom sticker designs are printed on the most popular materials for roll labels.

Roll Sticker Paper Options
White Premium Sticker Paper
White Premium Sticker Paper
Recommended for food labels that will not be refrigerated and will only be displayed or used as packaging
White BOPP
White BOPP
Used on products that will be refrigerated and exposed to oil and water. Suitable for designs with a white or colored background.
Silver Metallic BOPP
Silver Metallic BOPP
Provides the metallic finish at a more affordable cost and can withstand oil, tears, and refrigeration
Clear BOPP
Clear BOPP
This sticker places the design on a transparent background that is oil resistant, waterproof, and suitable only for indoor use. 
Indoor Use
Outdoor Use        
Oil & Chemical Resistant  


The materials below are great if you’re looking for uncommon paper options for sticker roll printing.

  • Rainbow Holographic BOPP  – Spice up your brand with the iridescent and patterned designs of custom holographic stickers. This material makes stickers look three-dimensional.
  • Removable White BOPP – Enjoy the durability of white BOPP without leftover residue. This plastic material is UV and water-resistant, perfect for a wide variety of uses.

Custom Sticker Q&As

What is the difference among matte, gloss, and high gloss coating?

Matte coating appears smooth and satin-like. Unlike gloss and high gloss, it does not glare or reflect light. It is recommended for those who need a rustic or subdued look on their design. Gloss coating makes the design shine and reflects the light. As a result, colors appear more vibrant and stand out under low light. High gloss UV coating has a shinier finish than gloss and can withstand outdoor elements.

What is the difference between paper and BOPP material?

Paper is the best choice to print custom stickers that will only be used indoors and will have no exposure to water and other outdoor elements. BOPP is applied on consumable products that require refrigeration, such as water and beer bottles. Clear, white, and silver metallic BOPP are all waterproof, oil resistant, and tearproof.

Will my stickers come bundled and packaged upon delivery?

Your personalized stickers can be bundled. On our online calculator, go to “Bundling” and select “Shrink Wrapping.” This ensures your orders are organized and protected during shipment at a very low cost.

Does the printing time also include the delivery time?

The printing time indicates the number of business days for producing your order. Click “Estimate Shipping Cost and Delivery Date” in the online calculator to choose from several delivery dates.


Custom sticker templates.

Save time by using our free templates. Our templates have been setup with proper bleeds and margins, assuring your print job turns out accurate. To download, select a file type and click on the size below.

Learn how to create custom stickers you’ll love.

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