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Sticker Printing FAQs

How long will stickers last?

While our stickers are durable, it's difficult to generalize how long stickers will last as different stock types and applications will result in vastly different outcomes. However, for most purposes, any of our stickers should last a fairly long time.

Are the stickers weatherproof?

All our stocks will hold up well to regular use, but our vinyl stickers are the only truly weatherproof stickers we currently offer.

Can the design be printed on the adhesive side?

While we do have a range of customization options, we do not offer printing on the adhesive side as a standard option at this time. Please contact a UPrinting customer service representative to discuss your options.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Our minimum quantity for cut-to-size stickers is 25 pieces. The minimum quantity for rolled stickers is 250 per roll.

What is the smallest and largest sticker size you can make?

We offer 1.5” x 2.5” to 17.5” x 12” for cut-to-size stickers, and 0.5” x 1” to 6” x 6.5” for rolled stickers.

Are the stickers available in gloss and matte?

Yes, both gloss and matte options are available. We recommend that you order free samples to see them for yourself, as not all gloss and matte finishes are alike.

Can I write on your stickers?

Absolutely. Just be sure to use the appropriate writing tools. Permanent ink markers work on gloss coated stickers and everything else. Nearly any writing tool will work on uncoated stickers. Regular ball point and permanent ink pens will also work on matte-coated stickers.

Are kiss cut stickers available?

We do not offer kiss cuts as a standard option at this time. We do offer die-cut stickers, which are stickers cut in the shape you choose.

What is the difference between kiss-cut and die-cut stickers?

The backing on die-cut stickers closely follows the shape of the artwork. Kiss-cut stickers, on the other hand, have a rectangular backing, regardless of the sticker’s artwork shape.

Are glow-in-the-dark stickers available?

We do not offer glow-in-the-dark stickers as a standard option at this time. You may contact a UPrinting representative to discuss possible customization options.

Are your stickers removable?

Our stickers really do stick. They are made for long-term attachment and not recommend for multiple reapplications.

What stock do you use for stickers?

The stock options available differ depending on whether you are ordering cut-to-size or roll stickers.

  • Cut-to-size sticker stock options:
    • 70 lb. Label Gloss
    • 70 lb. Label Matte
    • 70 lb. Label High Gloss (UV)
    • 4 mil. White Vinyl High Gloss (UV)

  • Roll sticker stock options:
    • White Premium Sticker Paper
    • White BOPP (Indoor)
    • Silver Metallic BOPP
    • Clear BOPP (Indoor)
    • White Vellum Texture- Estate #8
    • White Laid Texture- Estate #4
    • Cream Laid Texture- Estate #9

Please get in touch with a UPrinting representative for application-specific stock recommendations.

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