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Food Labels


Attract and Inform Customers With High-Quality Food Labels

Food labels do more than identify your product. They provide all the information customers need and refer to before finally purchasing your item. Apart from providing an accurate and FDA-approved food label, the information should be easy to read and attractive to the eye.

Customize your food label printing so every detail is clear and distinct. Print in waterproof vinyl or BOPP that can withstand refrigeration. Choose from shiny gloss and high-gloss coatings or an elegant matte finish. Select a shape and size that can fit all required elements in a food label. Read on to find out what our high-quality printing services have to offer.


Professional Food Label Printing for Your Products

Label types that you can apply manually or automatically, for a varying range of quantities.

Cut-to-size labels are recommended for orders of at least 25 pieces. These are individually cut and applied by hand. It is not recommended for larger quantities above 250 as it might be difficult to keep track and place on the items yourself.

Roll is normally ordered for quantities above 250 labels. One roll fits a standard label dispenser, so this is normally machine applied. Perfect for labeling hundreds to thousands of products that need to be shipped out ASAP.


Examples of Food Labels



Sturdy label materials that can be refrigerated or exposed outdoors.
Food packages displayed in-store and don’t require refrigeration can be printed in 70 lb. label. Items that will be displayed outside, like in pop up markets and fairs, can be labeled with weather- and waterproof 4 mil. white vinyl.

For food items that need to be refrigerated, you can print on clear, white, silver metallic, or rainbow holographic BOPP. These can withstand a minimum temperature of 14oF. Check out the “Materials and Specs” tab for more information on these options.


Impressive laminate that distinguishes your product against the competition. 

All materials come in three impressive coatings that will complement your food label design: 

  • Matte has a silk-like finish and little glare that makes every detail easy on the eyes. Colors come out soft and muted, perfect for neutral or light-hued designs. Recommended for food labels with long ingredients lists and other chunks of lengthy information. 
  • Gloss is recommended for image-heavy and bright colored food labels. It provides a vibrant shine and makes daring color combinations brighter on the eyes. Plus, it protects fingerprint marks. 
  • High gloss offers the highest reflectivity and extra glossiness. Colors come out extra bold and bright. The high reflectivity allows your label to stand out from afar. Your design also looks good as new with its abrasion-resistant property. 

Start your custom printing journey with us today. Combine the range of features available to achieve the perfect food label for your business. 



Tips from the FDA Food Labeling Guide 

The FDA requires specific information for food labels. Use the list below to ensure everything is included and its proper place. 


On the information panel or the area to the right of the PDP: 

  • The manufacturer, distributor, or packer’s name and address 
  • Ingredients list 
  • Nutrition facts 
  • Food allergens 

On the principal display panel (PDP) or the front of your product: 

  • The food’s name or the statement of identity 
  • Net quantity statement or the amount of product 


Check out this guide for more information on the FDA’s requirements for food labels. 



Food Labels FAQs

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