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School Labels


Customize School Labels for Your Kids’ Supplies & Other Valuables 

Keep your kids’ school supplies, bag, and lunchbox in check with custom school labels. Create a clear design of their name in full color using our online design tool or downloadable layout templates. Choose from the eight standard shapes or print in a custom size. Comes in indoor and waterproof materials for you to choose from, depending on the activities your kids normally engage in. Here’s how you can design, print, and review back-to-school labels for easy application in the coming school year. 

Customizable Options for School Labels for Kids

Print in cut-to-size, roll, or sheet formats. Order individual cut-to-size labels if you’re applying them by hand in smaller quantities. Suitable for those with one or two kids and a handful of supplies that need labeling.  

Rolls are recommended for anyone using an automatic label gun to apply on several items quickly. Perfect for parents or guardians of three or more children with a ton of supplies to label. 

Sheets are perfect for small businesses creating writable school labels parents can use at home. Each sheet is the standard 8.5” x 11” letter size and you can print from 4 to 30 stickers on each page. The size depends on the number of stickers on each sheet. 


Select a standard shape or custom size, depending on the chosen format. Square, rectangle, circle, and oval dimensions are available for both cut-to-size and roll formats. Cut-to-size also comes in other shapes your kids will love such as arch, hexagon, heart, and starburst. Go for the “Custom Size” option if you require a specific combination for the label’s width and height.  

Below are the sizes available based on the number of stickers per sheet:  

  • 30/sheet: 2.685” x 1” 
  • 12/sheet: 3.5” x 2” 
  • 10/sheet: 4” x 2” 
  • 6/sheet: 4” x 3.33” 
  • 4/ sheet: 5” x 4” 


Order in bulk to save more per unit price. Need a large order at a discounted rate? The larger your order quantity, the lower you spend per piece. For example, 100 pieces of white BOPP roll labels cost $1.73 each. But 250 of the same type would only cost 0.73¢ per label.  

Print on a sturdy material that can withstand the item’s regular exposure. For immediate indoor use under the cut-to-size format, we recommend any of the 70 lb. label options. This comes in matte, gloss, and high gloss for added protection. The 70 lb. label in gloss or matte is recommended for its writability with a marker or ballpoint pen.  

The waterproof 4 mil. white vinyl comes in extra shiny high gloss and is built to endure handwashing under cold, tap water. However, it is not writable and are preferred for designs with printed names.  

All waterproof materials under the roll labels can withstand hot water and may run in a dishwasher. The BOPP is recommended for water bottles, plastic containers, and other items that will be refrigerated for storage.  

Sheet labels are printed on writable uncoated white paper sticker. If you prefer to print designs with the name on it, you can add high gloss to the sticker paper. 

Textured materials are another water-resistant alternative but do not last as long under such exposure versus BOPP. However, the white or cream textured labels can be written on, unlike BOPP in gloss or matte. 

Upload a design, create one online, or download a print template. Have a print-ready file? Upload it after inputting the specs on our online calculator.  

You can also create the artwork from scratch with the design tool. Select “Create Your Design Online” at the bottom of the calculator.  

Prefer to use specific editing software? Go to the “Templates” tab and download the file format you need. Comes in AI, JPEG, PDF, PSD, and PUB. A list of sizes will appear after selecting the format for you to download the file to your device.



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School labels templates.

Save time by using our free templates. Our templates have been setup with proper bleeds and margins, assuring your print job turns out accurate. To download, select a file type and click on the size below.


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