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Asset Tags


Take account of what matters with asset tags.

Streamline your office or company’s inventory management system by custom printing asset tags. Also known as identification tags, these labels are essential to any business, big or small. Each asset tag has a unique barcode or serial number that makes security, documentation, maintenance, and repairs easier and more efficient 

Choose from 7 asset tag materials and 3 lamination finish options. Each material option has its own tamper-evident features to ensure the integrity of your assets, whether they are movable like laptops and chairs, or fixed such as machines and equipment attached to a structure.  

Materials built for any environment 

With asset tags, longevity and durability are important considerations. In choosing the right material for your business, you have to take into account how it will be used and what it will be exposed to. Choosing the right type of asset tags for your business? Here’s a list of our available materials and their corresponding features: 

  • mil. anodized aluminum foil can withstand exposure to most cleaning solvents, high temperatures, and continuous abrasion. Will not crack, chip, or peel. 
  • mil. anodized metal is our sturdiest asset tag material. Your brand, logo, and barcode are embedded in an anodized layer for ultimate durability. 
  • Matte silver polyester is the most popular asset tag material. It is commonly used on electronics, furniture, and office supplies 
  • Polyester plus is made from UV-resistant polypropylene with a protective coating that is resistant to heat, tearing, stretching, and excessive abrasion. 
  • Silver tamper-evident void employs a unique adhesive system that indicates if the label has been tampered with.  
  • White destructible vinyl cannot be removed without leaving residue. It tears and breaks apart when removed by hand, making any tampering attempts obvious 
  • White polyester is made of a 2 mil. film that is resistant to heat, tearing, abrasions, and stretching. An ideal choice for general-purpose tagging on items such as laptops, electronics, and furniture. 

Asset Tags FAQs

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Asset tags templates.

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