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Tri Fold Brochure Printing

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Tri-Fold Brochure Printing: Marketing Tool With 3x the Impact

Tri fold brochure printing is a great option for promoting your business. With tri fold (or letterfold) brochures, you will have a cost effective prints with more panels to include images and important details. This will help your readers better understand the products or services that you offer.


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tri fold brochure printing 01

When it comes to designing your brochures, planning is essential. You need to create a compelling design that both catches the readers' attention and delivers your message effectively. Account for each of the 6 panels of the brochure; decide what to place on which panel. Here are some tips on how to design and market your brochures.

Create an eye-catching cover. You never get a second shot at impressing your audience. Since the cover is the first thing that your target audience will see on your prints, you need to make extra impressive. You can do this by using a great photo, coordinated colors, an interesting headline or an irresistible offer.

trifold brochure printing 02

Use high-quality photos. When promoting products, use high quality photos to make your prints professional-looking. You may opt to hire a professional photographer or someone who can produce compelling and high-quality photos.

tri fold brochure printing 03
Source: individual_id=279071&portfolio_id=2597743

Use fonts that are easy to read. There are lots of options available today when it comes to fonts. But don't get confused on which ones you should use. Consider the readability of a font before using it on your tri fold brochure's design. Use fonts that reflect the purpose and general theme of the brochure, this will help you communicate your message effectively. Do not use several font styles at once. One or two styles should be enough. This will help keep your designs organized.

tri fold brochure printing 04
Source: individual_id=313902&portfolio_id=3527417

Don't forget about “white space”. One way to keep your tri fold brochure design organized is by using enough white space. This will help you make your design balanced and visually appealing. White space also helps the readers focus their eyes correctly on the information or message presented on the print.

tri fold brochure printing 05
Source: portfolio_id=2389573&individual_id=115054&s=0&v=4&a=5&t=0< br />

Use your company colors. Including your company colors on your brochure design is one way to boost branding. Coordinate your designs with your other marketing materials such as business cards, presentation folders, letterheads and others. Your readers will be able to distinguish your brochures and associate it with your brand.

tri fold brochure printing 06
Source: portfolio_id=3431918&individual_id=210272&s=0&v=4&a=5&t=0

Entice readers by making an offer. Give your target audience more reasons to read or keep your brochures by including an irresistible offer. Great offers like discounts, free shipping, and free gifts or trials will encourage them to do business with you. You can include a form on the last page or backside of your brochure where they will put simple information such as name and address in exchange of free gifts or discounts. 

tri fold brochure printing 07
Source: CS/369090

Motivate readers using effective call to action. An irresistible offer will be useless if people are not compelled to act on them right away. Tell your readers what to do next; to call you, email you or visit your store. Always include a clear and persuasive call to action on your brochures to lead them to the next step that you want them to take. 

tri fold brochure printing 08
Source: portfolio_id=2371575&individual_id=263979&s=0&v=4&a=5&t=0< br />

These tips are just quick guides on achieving an effective trifold brochure. Once you are finished with your design, it would still be best to consult an expert from your chosen printing partner. 

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