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Making Your Message Stick with Labels
  by:  |  Jul 1, 2008

We’ve talked previously about under the radar printed marketing materials. Another class of printed marketing materials which people tend to forget when planning a new campaign are labels and stickers. However, these items are extremely versatile and are a great way to establish a permanent connection with your customers.

As we’ve discussed before, it’s always advisable to have advertising items which you can hand to customers. Stickers fall into that class of advertising. For example, consider bumper stickers for a moment. They’re portable and easy to hand out. More importantly, people know that they are designed to be permanently affixed to a vehicle or other surface.

It’s the permanent aspect of a sticker or label that gives them most of their value. Once someone has applied your sticker or label, the application is permanent. Since most people are aware of how difficult it is to remove a sticker, they rarely even try. As a result, you get a lifetime of advertising from just that one item.