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Custom Printing


Explore the Limitless Possibilities of Custom Printing

Looking for a specific combination in the size, shape, and material of your printed promotions? Need an exact quote for your custom job? Our custom printing page offers a wide variety of choices for small and large marketing collaterals. Combine several width and height measurements, choose from cardstock and paper optionsor add folding or scoring to brochures to create the brochure, flyer, or poster you have in mind. You can also create vinyl or fabric banner signs in your choice of size and finish. Print in 1-4 business days, depending on how soon you need the orderNot sure where to begin? Here’s a guide on maximizing what’s available.


How to Customize Large to Small Scale Print Products

Follow these steps to create the custom printing product you need for every kind of promotion: 


Order an offset printing or sign product. 

  • Offset printing is the technique used to transfer an inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket, and then onto the printing surface. It ensures high-quality output for large quantities. It is the method used for bulk printing orders such as brochures, flyers, posters, postcards, and business cards. 
  • Sign printing is for larger format displays such as banners, window clings, yard signs, plastic signs, flags, and magnets. The sign you print will depend on the material and the size.  


Combine width and length specs that will garner attention at a glanceWidths start from 2” up to 26”. Heights also go from 2” to as tall as 18”. If you want to see how the final design will appear before it’s printed, select “Wait – I want to receive and approve a free PDF proof” after uploading your file. 


You can also use our online design tool to load a blank canvas in the size selected. 


Print on sturdy paper or cardstock to showcase the reliability or luxury of your brand. Promoting a new product line or a store opening to a bigger audience? Let customers feel they can trust your company with thick paper or cardstock. Coat paper with elegant matte or gloss finishes highlighting the premium quality of your items. Below are the sturdiest options available for paper and cardstock: 

  • 80 lb. paper has a similar feel to a magazine cover. It’s slightly thicker than standard paper and comes in gloss or matte coating to protect the surface. 
  • 100 lb. paper is a little thicker than most magazine covers but a little thinner than cardstock. Recommended for brochures, flyers, and other promotions customers can keep on hand.  
  • 14 pt. cardstock is the standard material used for business cards. It can withstand multiple handling and comes in coatings that protect it from fingerprints 
  • 16 pt. cardstock is slightly thicker than the 14 pt. Recommended for business cards or other promotional tools handed out to VIP clients. It gives them the impression you value their business, while also putting your best “face” forward in introducing yourself. 
  • 17 pt. cardstock is the most rigid cardstock available and comes in an uncoated, writable surface. It has the most upscale vibe and the elegant texture gives it that extra high-end feel.  


Print a set of cut-to-size stickers or labels to display indoors. Need a set of individual labels to quickly apply on your products? Order 70 lb. label in matte, gloss, or high-gloss UV so that your item and company name are easy to read from a glance.  


Signs come in the following materials, depending on how they’re displayed: 

  • For paper signs: semi or high gloss that suit temporary displays in frames or inside the store. 
  • Vinyl in standard 13 oz., 15 oz, or 9 oz. mesh that lasts outdoors. The mesh is built to withstand wind, while the 13 and 15 oz. last years on display outside. 
  • Static cling or perforated adhesive vinyl for window clings. The removable structure makes it perfect for temporary signs and for reapplying in other areas. 
  • Magnetic stock for placing on your car while it’s making deliveries. 
  • Canvas for high-resolution photos or artwork displays. 
  • Adhesive fabric for displays on walls and other interiors. 


For more information on the paper types available, check out the Paper & Specs tab.


Special Custom Printing Services to Elevate Your Advertising

For marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and postcards, you can add the following special features to further your customization: 

  • Folds that range from 2-, 3-, to 4-panel folds. Note that certain folds like an accordion, double gate and parallel, and the roll fold only come scored or show the markers for folding 
  • Perforation to set apart a special discount or coupon customers can use on their next purchase. It also works for correspondences on return forms. 
  • Rounded corners to make the corners of your postcard or business card sleeker. 
  • Hole drilling in 1/8”, 3/16”, and ¼” diameters if you need to bind the information with rings. You can also add them to hang tags or anything that will be displayed similarly.


Custom Printing FAQs 

How do I submit my artwork for custom printing? 

You can upload a file in PDF, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PUB, or PSD format. Select “Upload Your File & Order Now” at the bottom of the online calculator to send us the file.  


You can also create a design online with the tool. After choosing “Create Your Design Online,” a blank file will load based on your indicated specs. The intuitive menu lets you add text, combine colors, and upload images. All can be done straight from your browser.  



Can I print in large format? 

Yes, large format printing is applied to sign orders. This method prints digital files or fine art prints with colored inkjet printers, enabling mass production or a high-quality reproduction of your artwork.  


Can I view the file before it is printed? 

Yes, select “Wait - I want to receive and approve a free PDF proof” after uploading your file. This ensures you can view, make changes, and give us the go signal for production upon your approval.  


How soon can I receive a quote for my custom printing job? 

The online calculator will show the total printing cost upon entering your order specs.  


When can I expect my custom prints to arrive?  

To find out how soon you can receive the custom order, select “Estimate Shipping & Delivery” at the bottom of the calculator. Input your ZIP code in the pop-up window to generate several arrival dates and corresponding transit periods. 


Pickup is available for free if you live in Los Angeles. The estimated pickup date will also appear based on your ZIP code. 

Size. Color. Material. It's all here, and more.

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