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Custom Hang Tags Design

19 Creative Custom Hang Tag Design Samples for Inspiration

Promote your business using Custom Hang Tags. Hang tags are marketing materials that are meant to supplement your store product packaging. They have become an industry standard that consumers expect to go along with your products. This is where customers can view key product details like size, price, materials used and more. It is also advisable to include contact details so clients have a way of communicating with you. Hang tags can help you: 

1. Help customers identify your products from competitors.

2. Helps you communicate your brand's story.

3. Helps attract attention and promote your company and brand. 


Disclaimer: Images on this page are not owned by UPrinting and are used solely as design examples. Please use the links at the bottom of the images to see their original sources.

custom hang tags 01

Design is one the most important elements of a hang tag. They are responsible for making that initial customer attraction possible. 
Are you thinking of creating your own Custom Hang Tags Designs, but don't know where to start? Below are some examples to help you with your creative process: 

18 Custom Hang Tag Design Ideas to Serve as Your Inspiration

custom hang tags 02

custom hang tags 03

custom hang tags 06

custom hang tags 07

custom hang tags 08

custom hang tags 09

custom hang tags 10

custom hang tags 11

custom hang tags 13

custom hang tags 14

custom hang tags 15

custom hang tags 16

custom hang tags 17

custom hang tags 18

custom hang tags 19

custom hang tags 20

custom hang tags 21

custom hang tags 22

There you have it, 18  design samples that you can use as inspiration when it's time for you to create your own set of custom hang tags design. Contact UPrinting at 1-888-888-4211 or through Live Chat for any concerns or queries.