How to Design Clothing Hang Tags That Sell
  by:  |  Sep 15, 2016

Last updated on December 19th, 2019 at 09:07 pm

Clothing hang tags can be effective tools, when used to supplement packaging and branding. They relay key information like logo, company name and product characteristics. But they can also add visual interest and excitement.

If you’re going to print clothing hang tags, it makes sense to invest in the design. A hang tag that attracts –and holds– attention is a hang tag that sells.

Here are some tips on designing effective clothing hang tags:

Design With a Specific Purpose


Design tags with your buyer personas in mind. If you create a theme without taking that into consideration, it will not likely push your sales toward your end goal. It could visually engage some consumers but not the right “buying” customers.

To achieve a successful clothing tag appearance, you must first consider your design layout. Ask yourself, “How do I want to represent my clothing?” The answer to this question should be the core concept of your clothing hang tag design.

Let’s give an example.  Let’s say you want to suggest “Avant-Garde Fashion” in your clothing line.

Your goal is now to make tags that are bold, artsy and unique – qualities that define ‘Avant-Garde.’ Typical vintage designs, for instance, may not fit this concept.

Design your hang tags in harmony with your brand identity. It’s like creating any other marketing plan. First focus on your buyer personas and build the rest around that foundation.

Information Is Power


A clothing hang tag’s main goal is to convince consumers to make a purchase. To achieve that you need to prove you’re worth it. Include product details like prices, sizes and uses on your tags, as these will be your selling points.

Think Like Your Customers

When designing your clothing tag, ask yourself what are the usual questions that come to mind when you’re buying. What is the information you yourself look for. Base your tag message on this concept.

Some sample consumer questions are “How much are they?” “Can they be hand-washed?”, “What materials are they made of?”, “What size are they?” and so on.

Remember information is power. Use your tags to give consumers as much of it as you can. Educate and empower them. Answer their queries and they will reward you with a sale.

Creative Uses for Clothing Hang Tags

Clothing hang tags are often thrown away after a sale. But you can change that trend with some creative thinking.

As business cards. Consider designing your hang tags as unique business cards. Include contact information like website address, store address and phone number.  By doing so, you can increase the likelihood of customers keeping them for future reference. It also allows you to create a connection with your buyers. It could eventually raise the chances of making another sale in the future.

As coupons. Another idea is to add discount and promo coupons on your tag designs. For instance, you might select a few items and mark them with “5% off your next purchase.” It encourages return visits, which means more sales.

We hope you find these tips useful. For further reference here are some great examples of clothing hang tags you can use for inspiration.

Textured hang tag for clothing

Via: Thanh Nguyen

Minimalist designed hang tags

Via: Woodlake Design Studio

Outerwear tag example

Via: Rob Go

Remember that hang tags that attract are the tags that sell. Choose wisely when creating your designs. Have any tips you want to share? Comment below.