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Supply chain disruptions and labor shortages are causing delays for some orders.
Please allow for the possibility of an incremental 1-2 days when ordering. Thank you for your understanding.

Child-Resistant Stand-Up Pouches


Make a stand on product safety and quality.

Need a custom packaging solution for your product that is safe for kids too? Child-resistant stand-up pouches are the perfect answer. Our child-resistant pouches keep your products fresh, compact, and easy to transport. They are also designed to reduce the risk of children successfully opening the package and ingesting potentially harmful or hazardous substances.

Child-resistant stand-up pouches offer protection for a vast range of products:

  • Supplements
  • Edibles
  • Dried Herbs and Flowers
  • Vaping and Tobacco Products
  • Detergent and Cleaning Products
  • Lawn and Garden

Pouch Size Estimated Capacity
 4" x 6.5" x 2"  1/4 oz.
 5" x 8.5" x 2.5"  1/2 oz.
 6" x 9.5" x 3"  1 oz.
Note: Measurements are in width x height x bottom gusset width. Capacity is an estimation only.

Our stand-up pouches can hold a larger volume capacity and make an attention-grabbing display. It features a gusset at the bottom so the bag can stand on its own and put your brand front and center. They come in three popular sizes to fit your various product packaging needs: 4.375” x 6” x 2”, which can hold up to 2 oz.  

    • 4" x 6-½" x 2" pouch size can hold ¼ oz. and is great for storing small items like lip balms, single-serve snacks, or sample pharmaceutical giveaways.
    • 5” x 8.5” x 2.5” medium-sized pouch has a capacity of ½ oz. Medical devices and small electronics fit perfectly in these pouches.
    • 6” x 9.5” x 3” size features a capacity of 1 oz. – ideal packaging for bulkier food items like cosmetics, accessories, and household cleaners.


Friendly on Kids, and Your Products

Our child-resistant stand-up pouches not only reduce the risk of poisoning in children, they also prolong the shelf life of your product. The pouches use barrier films that protect your products from moisture, oxygen, and unwanted odors that can compromise the quality of the product inside.

Get a clearer picture of what each material offers so you can match the level of protection to what your product needs:

White Barrier Film Clear Barrier Film Metallized Barrier Film
Printing Full color Full color with window Full color metallic
White Ink Printing n.a. Yes, included Yes, optional
Average Thickness 4.6 mil. 4.6 mil. 3.1 mil.
Construction 48ga. MetPET/2.5 mil. LLDPE/Ink/Laminate 52ga. PVDCOUT/2.5 mil.LLDPE/Ink/Laminate 48ga. MetPET/1.5 mil. LLDPE/Ink/Laminate
OTR (Oxygen Transfer Rate) <.95 <1.0 <.95
Oxygen Protection
Moisture Protection
Light Protection
Dry Products
Liquid Products

Made Exactly How You Need It

Child-resistant stand-up pouches come with other features that make opening, displaying, and storing products hassle-free:

    • Zippers are resealable and seals in the freshness even after the package is opened. You can reuse it to store leftover items if you’ve run out of jars or other containers.
    • Tear-notches let consumers open your packaging without the need of a pair of scissors or cutting tool. This is located ¾” from the top of the trim.
    • Heat seals keep your products from leaking so packaging liquid products is less messy. Use a tabletop sealer for small pouches, and a foot-operated sealer for larger pouches with wider openings.
    • Hang holes come in either a standard round or euro (sombrero) hole. Add this so you can display your products on a hook if you don’t have enough shelf or counter space.

    How to order.

    Customize It
    Select the size and material that suits your needs. With plenty of options for customization, you can create packaging exactly as you want them.
    Upload It
    Our downloadable templates are set up with proper bleeds and margins so you can use your favorite graphic design software to create your artwork file.
    Approve It
    Your print file will go through a 30-point review. We will show you an online proof before we print so you can be sure that your design will turn out as you imagine it.

    Child-resistant Stand-Up Pouches FAQs

    A: Yes, all of our child-resistant pouches have been tested and certified by third-party agencies to meet federal test requirements provided by the U. S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR 16, Part 1700) as referenced by A.S.T.M. D3475. The zipper closure on our stand-up pouches also complies with the special packaging requirements of the U.S. Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA).

    A: This will depend on how much space your product needs. Bulkier products need more space, so getting the larger sizes will be better. For more accuracy, we recommend ordering a sample stand-up pouch and see how it will hold your product.

    A: The capacity indicated on each stand-up pouch size is only an estimate. If your product will take on more volume, we recommend going one size larger.

    A: We do not offer heat seals at the moment, but you can buy one from different sources including,, and

    A: Please save your artwork file in any of the following formats: JPG, PDF, PNG, TIF, EPS, Illustrator.


Size. Color. Material. It's all here, and more.

3 Paper/Stock Options

Child-resistant stand-up pouches templates.

Save time by using our free templates. Our templates have been setup with proper bleeds and margins, assuring your print job turns out accurate. To download, select a file type and click on the size below.

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