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Campaign Posters

  • Durable cardstock and paper selections
  • Print in bulk to spend less and save more
  • Gloss, high gloss, and matte coatings
Design a Campaign Poster
campaign bulk posters

Create a Campaign Poster That Stands Out and Captivates Your Voter’s Imagination

The role of campaign posters in today’s social media-driven world may not seem apparent. But the power of print emerges even stronger in today’s digital landscape.

large format campaign poster
Brooke Gladstone of NPR elaborates that the relatability of a poster design can rally votes: “the most effective campaign posters of every era leave as much as possible to the voter’s imagination. They are like Japanese manga: the less detailed the image, the more easily we can identify with the candidate, the more space for projecting our dreams.”

At UPrinting, you can create campaign poster ideas that will appeal to voters. Here are a few easy steps to follow.

Design a Campaign Poster

How to Make a Campaign Posters?

The role of campaign posters in today’s social media-driven world may not seem apparent. But the power of print emerges even stronger in today’s digital landscape.

  1. Choose a size that emphasizes your design and is easy to see view from afar.
  2. Are you printing a bulk order that will be disseminated in different community boards? Common sizes start at 11” x 17” and 18” x 24”. The 24” x 36” is one of the bigger and more popular dimensions.
    Custom sizes are also available if you have specific dimensions in mind.

  3. Add a catchy slogan to fit your design.
  4. Increase name recall with a catchy slogan that voters can associate with your candidate’s name. A phrase that’s positive and entices action is more likely to persuade or at least spark interest.
    Use any of our downloadable templates or the online design tool to help you properly align the text and images.

  5. Play with bright colors.
  6. Primary colors such as red, yellow, and blue stand out and complement one another. J. Howard Miller’s “We Can Do It!” poster shows how colors can be combined to communicate an empowering message.

  7. Print in a variety of thick, durable paper and cardstock.
  8. Choose from several cardstock and paper types. Each option differs in weight, thickness, and finishing options. The right weight and coating will highlight the effect you’re aiming for in the design.
    • 80 lb. paper gloss has a medium weight that’s easy to carry around.
    • 100 lb. paper (gloss or matte) is thicker than the standard magazine paper.
    • 10 pt. cardstock (gloss or matte) is the lightest cardstock available, but thicker than the 100 lb. paper.
    • 14 pt. cardstock (matte, gloss, or high gloss) is the thickest and most durable option available. It also comes in shiny gloss, extra reflective high gloss or elegant matte coatings.

High-Quality Campaign Poster Printing

print bulk political posters

Bulk Printing

On a limited budget but need to print hundreds to thousands of posters for increased exposure? Order bulk posters above 5,000 and spend less for each piece.

mounted posters

Personalize Every Detail

Need a specific size not available among the listed options? Indicate Custom Size on the online calculator, then select your preferred width and height from a wider range of measurements.

political mounted posters

Excellent Print Quality

Your print-ready file goes through a 30-pint automated and human review to ensure technical quality. You can also request a free PDF proof to review before we proceed with production.

Campaign Posters FAQs

Q: How do I ensure the campaign poster is print-ready?

A: The checklist below ensures you send a file that is ready for printing.

  1. Set the file to CMYK color mode.Double check if it is saved in RGB then convert if necessary.  
  2. Save your file in the recommended formats, which includeJPG, PNG, TIF, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Publisher. 
  3. Follow the safe zone, trim line, and bleed so that all details come out in print.  
  • The trim line indicates where the final design will be cut.
  • The safe zone should not have any important texts or images beyond it to prevent trimming.
  • The bleed is the very end of the canvas or file. A 1/8” bleed is required to be print-ready. Your artwork should extend to the edge of the bleed so that no detail is removed after cutting.

Q: Can I create my campaign poster online?

Yes, you can use our intuitive online design tool to create your poster. After indicating your poster’s spec, select Create Your Design Online at the bottom of the online calculator. This will take you to a blank canvas in your chosen size, where you can add images, text, and other elements to your design.

Q:Can I download templates to help me get started on the poster design?

A: Yes, you can download templates in any of the available sizes

  1. Go to the Templates tab on the poster product page. 
  2. Select your preferred format: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, JPEG, and Microsoft Publisher. 
  3. Choose your preferred size and its corresponding orientation. 
  4. The file will appear and be downloaded to your computer.  

Q: Can I review my campaign poster file before it proceeds to production?

A: Yes. On the File Upload page, under the “Select a Proofing Option” section, choose Wait – I want to receive and approve a free PDF proof. A link to your PDF proof will be sent within six hours. Your file will only be printed after you’ve approved it online.