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Gift Card Holders


Create Gift Card Holders Unique to Your Brand

Customize a gift card holder that does more than holding your special discounts and vouchersPlay with your brand colors and add adventurous typography to show customers you value their business. Well-designed gift card holders add value to each interaction, while also adding space for information they need such as contact details like your address. Find out how you can create a unique set of holders that will stand out and keep your brand top of mind. 


How to Design Your Very Own Custom Gift Card Holders 

Choose a sturdy cardstock that communicates your brand’s image. 

Need a lightweight but durable gift card holder that customers can easily carry around? The 14 pt. cardstock can easily fit in your wallet and is also thick enough for full-color printing on both sides. 


The slightly thicker 16 pt. cardstock carries a little more weight, perfect for high-end brands or luxury product providers targeting a specific market. Its added rigidity prevents creases and folds, perfect for gift cards sent through the mail. 


The thickest option available is the 17 pt. cardstock, which comes with a writable surface. Suited for designs with a more personalized touch such as handwritten notes. 


Add a protective laminate that enhances the overall design. 

Matte provides an elegant, muted finish that suits text-based information or elements that require readability. Works best on neutral and pastel color combinations. 


The gloss gives your gift cards a shiny glow that appears under the light. Recommended for bright and bold color combinations that need to stand out from afar. The reflective finish also brings out the details on high-resolution images. 


High gloss offers the brightest shine and an extra vibrant finish. Makes images pop up-close and from a distance. Perfect for modern designs with bold colors or contrasts that need to be emphasized. 


Print in a handy 4” x 6” size. 

All gift card holders come in the flat, unfolded 4” x 6” size that halves into 4” x 3” with the gift cards inside. Small enough to fit in a box delivery, keep in one’s pocket, or hand out at the store counter. 


Add information on both sides to personalize the gift card.

 Maximize the double-sided printing available for your unique gift card holder design. Print a special greeting on the front and then provide instructions on the side holding the card itself. All holders come with card slits to keep them securely in place.


How to Use Gift Card Holders to Your Advantage

Greet customers with a witty message. Stand out as soon as recipients receive the gift cards. Print a memorable quote or greeting that also identifies your product or serviceA café can print a cardholder that says “Coffee Money” or “Free Coffee = Free Happiness” on the front.  


Double up its use beyond just protecting the gift cards. Bookstores can design the gift card holder such that it also serves as a bookmark. You can also add special features to the holder that everyone will find useful, like a small ruler or a conversion table people can use for baking. 


Incorporate the holiday season and other special occasions. Make holiday shopping safer and easier with Christmas gift card holders that celebrate the season. Design a special holiday set or set aside several holders customers can purchase with a birthday, wedding, or anniversary gift card. For more ideas on how to come up with creative designs, check out this article


Gift Card Holders FAQs 

What is the thickest gift card holder material available?  

The 17 pt. cardstock is slightly thicker than the 16 pt., but it only comes with an uncoated and writable surface. If you need a more rigid stock that protects the design from scuffs and scratches, we recommend any of the 16 pt. cardstock options. 


How do I make a gift card holder? 

Download any of the available templates that come in AI, JPEG, PDF, PSD, and PUB formats. Open your chosen file in the designated editing software and start creating your design. All downloadable templates include the guidelines to ensure an accurate print: safe zone, dieline, bleed, and borders. Instructions on the relevance of each section are included as well. 


How soon can I receive my gift cardholder? 

All custom gift card holders take 2 business days to print. Note that the shortest production time refers to how long it takes to come up with your order. Shipping begins after the 2-day period. 

To find out the estimated arrival dates of your prints, select “Estimate Shipping & Delivery” and input your ZIP code. Several arrival dates and their respective transit times will appear based on your location.  


What is the recommended file format for uploaded artwork? 

You can submit a file in PDF, PSD, AI, or PUB format. Ensure that the image and texts are in 300 dpi. The color tone should be in CMYK.  


Can I review the file before it’s printed? 

Yes, after uploading your file select “I need a PDF proof” under the “Proofing Options” section. A PDF file will be emailed to you for approval. Note that your approval is required for us to proceed with printing. 

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