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Poly Packing Tape


Let your packages leave a lasting impression with poly packing tape.

Print personalized poly packing tape to give your package deliveries a branded touch. Each roll is made of durable and cost-effective polypropylene material that safely seals and secures your packages. Personalized poly tapes are a sure-fire way to always leave a good impression, whether for first-time customers or long-time patrons.


Strong material to secure your packages.

Poly packing tapes use polypropylene, a durable but cost-effective adhesive material. Each roll fits most tape dispensers for easy application. Choose between 2 mil. and 2.5 mil. thick tapes, which can comfortably support packages up to 50 lbs 


Choose from a selection of 15 hues and print up to two colors on your custom poly packing tapes.  


Designing your custom poly packing tapes. 

Getting your own design on poly packing tapes is a quick and easy processFollow the steps below to start on your custom printing 

  1. Upload your logo or design. 
  2. Choose the logo repeat length – how often the design repeats. 
  3. Select the logo orientation – vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. 
  4. If you prefer a seamless look for your design, download the template file in your selected size and follow the corresponding guidelines.


Maximizing custom poly packing tapes for the most impact.

Customized packaging tape goes above and beyond sealing your packages for storage or transit. This handy and unassuming product can also contribute a cost-effective and powerful role in your marketing strategies. 

  • It ensures brand visibility wherever your package is. Whether it’s inside a storage facility, in transit, or on the front porch, your logo stays front and center. 
  • Custom packing tapes are a cost-effective way to print brand packaging. Using plain boxes with plain tape doesn’t really speak volumes for your brand. When you use brand poly tapes, on the other hand, your whole packaging is elevated.  
  • It also acts as a security measure. Print a tape with messages like “do not accept when the tape is broken” or “Fragile. With seamless designs or repeated patterns, you can quickly see if your package has been tampered with. Pluswith a distinct design that’s entirely your own, your custom tapes are unique and cannot be easily copied.  


Poly Packing Tape FAQs

What is the difference between poly packing tape and shipping tape? 

Packing tape has a sturdy adhesive that can withstand cold and hot weather conditions. It is recommended for sealing and protecting large packages that will be moved throughout different locations and be exposed to all kinds of weather. Shipping tape is used to seal packages that will be handled by different people, such as envelopes or small boxes that might go through rough handling. 


How long will the poly packing tape last? 

The poly packing tape is durable enough to seal large boxes. The standard 2 mil. the tape can protect up to 35 lbs, while the heavy-duty keeps 50 lbs. packages tamper-proof.  


How do I apply the poly packing tape to my package?  

Use a tape gun to quickly apply the poly packing tape to the package. Follow the steps below for fast application: 

  1. Push the poly packing tape onto the wheel of the gun. 
  2. Pull between 5 to 6 inches of the tape from the poly packing tape roll. It should unwind with the sticky area facing down.  
  3. Position the unrolled tape's front end between the roller and the metal guide. 
  4. Pull the tape under the roller before cutting off the excess poly packing tape.

Poly packing tape templates.

Save time by using our free templates. Our templates have been setup with proper bleeds and margins, assuring your print job turns out accurate. To download, select a file type and click on the size below.


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