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Custom Vinyl Signs

Display promotions for your store openings, sales, and other events. 

  • Print on vinyl that lasts for years and endures any weather. 
  • Hang in public areas, on tables or on poles lining the street. 
  • Upload your design or create one with our online design tool.
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How to Print Vinyl Signs That Will Get Your Business Noticed

Create vinyl signs that will attract passersby and customers on the go. Promote your new store, product line or other announcements with large, full-color displays. Hang them easily on your storefront or call attention from high traffic areas in your localityPrint vinyl banners that endure the outdoors or large table signs that customers can see in your store. Design a pole banner for motorists and commuters to see along main thoroughfares. 


Helpful Tips and Ideas for Your Vinyl Sign Printing 


Choose a vinyl material that will endure the elements. 

Vinyl banners come in three materials you can choose according to the thickness and durability you need: 

  • 13 oz. vinyl has a superior tear-resistance and matte finish that’s easy to spot under bright light. An affordable option for displaying signs that can last up to 5 years outdoors. All pole banners are printed on this material.  
  • 15 oz. vinyl also comes with a matte finish and has the strongest durability among the vinyl options. It can endure high winds and is fungus-resistant. Available for vinyl banners and the only material available for table type.  
  • Mesh vinyl has a 25% air-flow that lets it withstand strong wind conditions. It can also withstand temperatures as high as 176°F and as low as -4°F. 


Design within the size of your custom vinyl or table banner. 

Your design depends on how it appears in the required size of your sign. Smaller sizes for vinyl and table banners are from 3 ft. x 2 ft to 3 ft. x 6 ft. Larger dimensions go up to 8 ft. x 2 ft. and 10 ft. x 5 ft. Custom sizes are also available for both banner types.  


Use a readable font for your simple, straightforward message. 

Both the font face and size need to be readable even from far awayClarity is your priority when it comes to selecting the right font. Make sure it can be read from a distance as well as up close. No one will linger upon a confusing script font. 


Select a vinyl sign that suits your design and its display method. 

You can choose from 3 vinyl sign types to ensure your message gets across the right audience. Your choice depends on how it is displayed and where it will be seen: 

  • Vinyl banners are often displayed in public areas such as roadsides, malls, and other community-based locations. 
  • Table banners are displayed on its namesake. Recommended for upfront promotions in-store, in markets, and other places where products are sold directly to customers. 
  • Pole banners are typically found along main roads, walkways, and other high traffic areas. Choose dimensions based on the following sizes: 18 in., 24 in., and 30 in.


Vinyl Signs FAQs


Will the vinyl and table banners come with grommets? 

To order a vinyl or table banner with grommets, select grommets on the online calculator. You can opt to add these in every 2 feet or on every corner. 


How are the edges of the vinyl signs reinforced? 

You can add hemming on your vinyl banner order. This will reinforce the sides and will keep the shape of the banner while displayed. 


What is the difference between mesh and vinyl banners? 

Mesh vinyl allows air to flow through and is tear-resistant enough to withstand strong winds.   

The 13 oz. and 15 oz. vinyl differ in thickness. Both can last up to 5 years outdoors and stay good as new in harsh weather. 


Which banners are recommended for outdoor and indoor display? 

Table and vinyl banners are recommended for outdoor use but can last even longer indoors. Pole banners are often found along roads, so are placed outdoors by default 


Can I print on both sides of my custom vinyl signs? 

Yes, you can choose to print on the front and back of your custom vinyl signs.