Clothing Hang Tag Design: 12 Trendy Examples
  by:  |  Nov 29, 2016

When designing clothing hang tags, it’s not enough to focus on branding. Clothing hang tag design should match a fashion designer’s creative vision as well.

If a client asks you to create promotional tools for their line and you don’t have an idea where to start, check out this selection of 12 trendy clothing hang tag design samples.

Hopefully you’ll be inspired to come up with your own original tag designs. Perhaps that hang tag you make will be interesting enough for a customer to actually keep, rather than just throw away.

Clothing Hang Tag Design Samples to Spark Your Creativity

Minimalist examples are good starting points, especially for newbie designers. We previously discussed a few advantages of minimalist design in this post, “How Thoughtful Negative Design Works.” Even on a relatively small piece with limited space, minimalist clothing tag design can make an impact.Tropic garment hang tag

Be sure to pay extra attention to negative space.


Leaf-shaped hang tag in matteThis example would probably look great on denim.


Elephant clothing hang tagThis hang tag is fairly evocative of the brand.


California denim clothing tag example
An understanding of your own brand can help your hang tag design immensely.


Typographic clothing hang tag designs are not all minimalist, though many certainly are. These designs are also a great starting point for new designers, but they can be more challenging than they appear. The amount of text, the message, and the style have to synergize in order to truly work.

typographic square clothing hang tag example

Luxury brands can benefit from strong typography.


Typographic hang tag fall clohtesIt’s not all about minimalism. Images can work as backgrounds for hang tags.


Logo clothing hang tagStrong logos can make a great focal point for your hang tags.


Logo clothing hang tagUnderstanding negative space is crucial for small prints like hang tags.


Sometimes though, it pays to just have something that’s first and foremost — eye-catching. This is especially true when the brand calls for something that is more forward, rather than subtle. These creative examples are truly memorable. They will turn heads for sure. What will your own creative hang tag design look like?


Circle clothing hang tag with matte stockShaped hang tags can help a design be more eye-catching.


leaf hang tag with uncoated stockThis understated example is a real winner.


Folded hang tag on sweaterFolded hang tags can provide more space for your brand.


Floral clothing hang tagThis hang tag’s design really helps the chambray shirt stand out.


Hang tags can be more than just small pieces of cardstock with retail prices and suggested care instructions. They are as much an extension of your brand as a business card or even a store’s physical signboards. Investing time in the design and production of your clothing hang tags can be critical in the competitive world of fashion. It can be that small touch that puts your clothing brand a cut above the rest.

Check out our clothing hang tags page to learn more about your hang tag options. Be sure to contact a representative to better understand which options work best for your specific design and application.