How to Spruce Up Your Custom Product Box on a Budget
  by:  |  Nov 21, 2019

Last updated on November 22nd, 2019 at 11:28 pm

Starting a business is easy. Launching and running a business, on the other hand, is a different story.

All entrepreneurs will agree that there are a lot of things you will constantly juggle as you run a company. From handling employees to daily expenses, marketing initiatives and revenue reports, the to-do list never seems to end. With all of these things to worry about, business owners often neglect one of the most important aspects of their brand: product packaging.

Looks matter. But custom product boxes go a lot further than just pretty packaging that protects your merchandise. The way you present your product tells a lot about who you are as a brand and your value to customers.

Why Choose Custom Product Packaging?



Obviously, packaging is not the only factor that determines the success of your business, but brands today know just how important custom product boxes are in generating sales. Here’s why:

It helps set you apart.

Whether your product can be found on a shelf or a website, custom product packaging helps you catch the attention of consumers. A study by Paper and Packaging Board shows that 72% of consumers agree that packaging design influences their purchasing decisions.

It tells your story.

Have you ever chosen a brand over the other simply because you preferred how the former looked? Custom product boxes allow you to reflect your brand story and strategy. High-quality printing, sustainable materials, and bold designs can help engage consumers and differentiate your brand in today’s saturated markets. A 2016 Study from Westrock proved 79% of packaging professionals agree that a brand’s values are communicated directly on their packaging.

It promotes brand recognition and value.

When you see a robin’s egg blue colored box with a white satin ribbon, you immediately know it’s Tiffany’s. When you are buying jewelry from Tiffany & Co., half of what you are paying for is the brand and the iconic box. 

Custom product packaging has a significant impact on brand loyalty, according to Dotcom Distribution. 44% of online shoppers would repurchase from a retailer if the product comes in premium packaging. 

Design and branding expert, Laurent Hainaut, states that packaging is the number one medium to communicate the brand. “You need to pay attention to this area in your branding strategy because it is the first thing someone sees, touches, and essentially buys.”

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It communicates special occasions.

Whether or not you have a seasonal product, holiday packaging has shown an increase in sales. This is the time of the year that buyers shop on impulse, and when they see your brand getting festive, they gravitate towards your product. 

Toblerone had a 400% increase in sales the first year their Ho Ho Ho special holiday edition packaging was released. 

And it’s not just Christmas. Halloween, brand anniversaries, or even a limited-edition product that’s tied to a good cause are great reasons to update your packaging and excite consumers.

It helps you stay relevant.

“A good product will sell itself.”

Yes and no. You may have the best product out there, but unless it’s being communicated properly through your branding, then it won’t get its chance to shine. Custom product boxes allow you to appeal to your target demographic. Businesses have rebranded over the years because the market and customer demands are constantly changing. 

Westrock’s consumer insights study confirmed that 66% of buyers tried something new because the packaging caught their attention, and 35% changed their choice of brands because of new packaging.

Packaging diva and expert JoAnn Hines’ advice to companies considering a rebrand is to understand and solve the customer’s unmet needs.

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How Do I Package My Product?

Choose the right custom product box and it can give your merchandise the boost it needs. Not paying attention to key details can result in lost sales. More than design, here is a quick summary of what makes effective custom box packaging.


Yes, design has a lot to do with how your branding is incorporated, but many businesses forget the primary reason products even require boxes in the first place: protection. How do you get your merchandise to customers? Your custom product box needs to suit the shape of your merchandise, be sturdy enough to keep items safe during delivery and distribution, and the look stacked on store shelves.

Right materials

Think about what works for your product, budget, and consumer. If your brand communicates using environmentally friendly ingredients, choose sustainably sourced packaging to reinforce that message. Is your product more luxurious? Add premium features like soft touch and embossing that evoke a similar upscale feel.

Packaging ergonomics

This defines the buyer’s initial interaction with your brand. Think comfortable, effortless, and efficient. Your custom product box needs to make their lives easier, not complicated. Your design should be simple, easy to hold and open without exerting much effort.

Prioritize Your Product

It’s certainly no easy task, so take the time to study and do your research before jumping into product box production. You can get started by checking different packaging solutions that work best for you and your brand. From baked goods to beauty products, our custom product boxes give your items a professional look while keeping them secure even when displayed or delivered.

Choose from single layer cardstock for higher print quality and smoother finish, or on multi-layer corrugated material for more durability. Get even more attention by adding special features like foil stamping and spot UV for your product box to stand out. Whatever type of product box you need, UPrinting can customize it for you.

Boxes That Won’t Break the Bank

Custom product boxes are a great way to stand out, but you can also spruce up your box by adding packaging inserts.

Here are some examples to help you think outside the custom product box this holiday season.

Thank You Discount Cards

You’ll be surprised by how a simple “thank you” can go a long way. Customers love knowing that you appreciate their support, and you can encourage repeat business at the same time.


Adding stickers to a plain product box is another cost-effective way to spruce up your branding. Choose colorful designs and messages that are in line with the occasion.

Packaging Sleeves

Sleeves are not only affordable, but they allow more space for you to execute a design. They’re easier to apply because you simply slip them over the box after you finish packing.


Create postcards that your customers will want to keep. You can even print multiple designs that your buyers can choose from. If they love them enough, they’ll come back for more.

Packaging That Pays Off

Customizing your product boxes doesn’t need to be a daunting task on your to-do list. Now that you know the fundamentals of packaging design, there are many ways to spruce up your product without having to spend a large chunk from your budget. Whatever your requirements are, we can work with you to create a custom product box that will present your merchandise in the best possible way.

What are your thoughts on custom product packaging? Add to our conversation in the comments below.