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10 Bottle Label Inspirations for Your Mood Board
  by:  |  Jul 21, 2022
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With shelves full of competition, an eye-catching label can give your bottled products the retail advantage to thrive in the market. But how can you make shoppers notice?

We hate to point out the obvious, but yes, for your products to stand out, you need a bottle label design that grabs attention and – more importantly – can move your items from the shelf to their cart.

So, bust out the mood board and get ready for some cool bottle packaging examples from real businesses to help you visualize what your new and improved bottle labels will look like.

We’ll throw in some helpful tips to get you started.

Pick a color scheme that compliments your logo

Brand recognition sets the foundation towards building a loyal customer base. Your logo is an integral part of your brand identity so make it the focus of your design. Decide on a color palette where your logo is highlighted and becomes the focal element of your label. It helps customers recognize your brand faster.

Ella & Beau Herbal Co. logo and label design by Renee Bollin is pastel perfection! Opting for lighter shades of purple, Renee ensures that the logo, with a darker tone of lavender and complimenting color choices, stands out in the overall design.

purple labels plastic bottle

“Who knew there were so many options for adhesive labels out there?!
I think @mandy_schulis picked the perfect waterproof one
from @uprinting — it wipes clean like a DREAM.”

Renee launched Renee Bollin Studio, her illustration and design business,
in 2021 realizing a lifelong passion for creating art.

Renee’s feedback on the waterproof labels they ordered from UPrinting leads us right to our next tip:

Choose the right material

Ella & Beau Herbal Co.’s Elderberry Syrup needs to be refrigerated to maintain the product’s freshness, making it a must for Renee and her client to choose the best label material that can last on display and inside the fridge.

In addition to external conditions that could affect the quality of the label face, you also need to consider the application surface and the contents of your bottle.

For instance, BOPP labels offer controllable transparency and exceptional resistance to moisture, acids, and solvents. This makes the material an ideal choice as packaging labels are commonly used on food containers, plastic ropes, and laboratory items.

Foil labels, on the other hand, can add a touch of elegance to your product and the material is equipped to resist moisture and condensation. Popular applications include cosmetics and wine bottles.

For Twelve Gods Brewery, vinyl labels is the labeling solution to brand their bottles of traditional recipes brewed with a “godly twist”.

white beer bottle labels with cat art

“We use @uprinting for our label printing needs and we have been nothing
but very satisfied with all the jobs we assigned to them. The quality of the print
is fantastic. Not extremely cheap but definitely worth the money. The vinyl labels
look ridiculously good, and they peel off whole with no adhesive residue.”

Twelve Gods Brewery is dedicated to God-inspired beer crafting
and was created out of deep love for the original art of beer making.


Incorporate the color of the beverage

Color communicates unlike anything else. Consider all the visual elements of your product, including the color of your beverage, to drum up visual interest for your brand.
Take it from these small businesses who made clever use of their drinks’ color to create head-turning beverage labels.

Notice how Thrive Juice Lab and Nourish Juicery and Kitchen keep their label designs simple? Both brands incorporated the color of the juice to serve as a backdrop, then completed the look with pops of color in the print.

white bottle labels on clear bottle orange juice

Thrive Juice Lab is a locally owned and operated wellness café
that serves cold-pressed juice, all-organic, gluten- and dairy-free products
that are proudly sourced and made fresh from “farm to cup”.

simple white bottle labels fresh juice

Food, faith, and community are the passions of Nourish Juicery and Kitchen owner, Sarah.
Her brand offers cold-pressed drinks and healthy food options.

One design to label them all! Okay, not exactly a beverage but check out how Rock’n K Hot Sauce makes its labels work for different flavors.

brown glass bottle labels for hot sauce

“Thank you @uprinting for your awesome service! I just ordered my third batch of labels
and the process is so easy! Your labels are excellent quality and shipping time is fast!”

Rock’n K Hot Sauce has the perfect addition to spice up your every meal. Their signature
hot sauce flavors are homemade and crafted in small batches.


Highlight valuable product information

Eye-catching colors invite customers to give your brand a closer look, but it’s not enough to convince them to bring your product home.

Connect with your shoppers further by providing key product information that will influence their buying decisions. Keep it concise and focus on high-level details that communicate your brand personality, tell your story, or underline the benefits of what you’re offering.

With the promise of free recipes available on their website, Pomona Shrub Co. makes these bottles of handcrafted shrubs a tempting purchase.

hand holding shrub bottles with bottle labels

Pomona Shrub Co. makes flavorful and thirst-quenching handcrafted shrubs
for sparkling water and cocktails. They can also be used as salad dressing.

Crude Carnivore allots space in its label design to highlight product ingredients and nutritional value. If you’re a conscientious shopper and pet owner, this is exactly the kind of product information you’d want to see.

bottle labels pet products dogs

“Boost the bowl” with Crude Carnivore‘s healthy and
nutritious handcrafted bone broth that is salt-free, low in sugar,
and filled with healing benefits for your pets.

{clean inc} puts its best face forward with the spotlight on their products’ safe and natural ingredients that can be used for different applications.

simple black labels for cleaning product

{clean inc} is a professional and personable home cleaning business servicing the
western suburbs using natural cleaning products.

Determine the size of your labels

Do you want the label to wrap around your bottle or just on one side? This all boils down to how much information you want to share. Just make sure that your text is easy to read and use bullet points or ample spacing to emphasize your product’s value propositions.

UPrinting can give you flexible custom labelling solutions according to your preferred size. You can print labels as small as 1.5” x 2.5” to as big as 8.5” x 11”.

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Bronze Boss wraps every bottle with labels full of useful product information. The back includes directions for use, a warning message, and a list of ingredients used for their self-tanner spray.

orange bottle label beside white spray bottle

“I like to design my own labels on @Canva and use @uprinting to print.
Hands down – my favorite labels! 🙌🏽 ”

Bronze Boss owner Kailee helps spray tan artists grow their
businesses through mentorship and private label products.

Meanwhile, Self-Care Friday opts to apply its bottle labels on just one side and limit the information shared to the most essential. It’s also designed with enough spacing in between sections, making it reader friendly.

two tone bottle labels for skincare product

Self Care Friday Co. offers skincare & personal care products made from
safe & sustainable ingredients that are organic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

How’s the mood board looking now? If you’re almost ready to create stunning bottle labels but need to make an informed decision first, then check out UPrinting Reviews to find out how our customers feel about their UPrinting experience.

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