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Door Hanger Flyer Advertising for Churches – Does it Work?
  by:  |  Dec 31, 2014

Last updated on January 6th, 2021 at 06:56 pm

A recent study shows that church attendance in America have been steadily declining through the years. There are many different factors that contribute to the declining church participation. One reason is that most Americans believe that faith no longer holds the same kind of influence it once did in today’s society. Another reason is members no longer feel special and connected with their community.

So how can you continue to make your church grow?

Ever since the old times religious communities have always relied on word of mouth to encourage visitors. This still remains true, but how can you speed up the word-of-mouth process? Nowadays, to effectively communicate with society you need to go where they go. Meaning not having an online presence is no longer an option. Religious community need to adapt and be flexible. Aside from an online presence the use of direct marketing materials is now a common strategy. More churches are turning to promotional marketing as a way of spread their message and advertise their church.

According to The Christian Century, door hangers are one of the most effective marketing tools employed by churches. They’re great leave-behinds for a door-to-door campaign and they’re simple to distribute. The best part is that they’re designed for targeting specific neighborhoods and communities.
As stated above one of the reasons why Americans turn their backs on churches is because they feel neglected . Members sometimes get disillusioned when they feel unwanted by their church communities.

How can you use direct marketing materials to address this problem?

Use door hangers to communicate with your community. They’re easy leave-behinds and can reach a wide audience for minimal time and effort. You can post contact details where members can reach out to church management whenever they feel the need to talk to someone. You can also use them to post certain events, updates or leave simple message to make your members feel wanted and remembered. They are great for announcing church activities and increase church participation. Create door hanger forms where people can sign up for events and other church activities.

What are the Benefits of using a door hanger?

1. They cost less

2. They can efficiently bring people to you

3. Supplements the word-of-mouth process

Do you have any ideas about using Door Hanger Flyers for church marketing? Feel free to share them on the comment section below.