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Your Guide to Standard Poster Sizes

How to make the best choice from UPrinting’s variety of poster dimensions.

Poster design begins with choosing the right dimensions. The correct poster size will determine how your visual and textual elements come together. Factors such as the poster type, quantity, and purpose go into choosing the right poster dimensions. Find out how each of these affect your chosen poster size. 

Choosing the Correct Poster Type

You can print three kinds of posters: 

  • Bulk posters are suitable for large orders that ranging from hundreds to thousands of pieces. 
  • Mounted posters are normally seen on easels or hung on walls. 
  • Large format posters bring detailed images and artwork to life in high-resolution printing.  


Below are the available sizes for each type:Poster Chart

The number of posters you order also determines the printing method. Digital printing is used to produce one piece to a maximum of 50 pieces. Offset printing yields as much as 100,000 pieces. The sizes available per printing method are:

Offset Printing Digital Printing
8.5" x 11" 16" x 20"
11" x 17" 18" x 24"
18" x 24" 20" x 30"
19" x 27" 22" x 28"
24" x 36" 24" x 36"
27" x 39" 27" x 40"

example of posters by sizes

How Your Poster’s Promotion Affects Its Size

Standard-sized posters are generally printed for special announcements, event promotions, and outdoor advertisements. Here’s what to expect from some of the regular poster dimensions: 


8.5” x 11”  

Commonly known as “poster flyers”, you can use prints of this size for announcements or advertisements with limited spaces. You frequently see letter-sized posters in community bulletin boards, information desks, art galleries, and street posts.  

 8.5x11 Poster Example


11” x 17” 

This size is slightly larger than the previous dimension. It’s a larger variation of what’s seen on community boards and other common areas. But it’s not too big that it overwhelms the rest of what’s displayed. 

11x17 Poster Example


18” x 24” and 19” x 27” 

These are the medium dimensions for regular poster sizes. These offer more space for large images and minimal text. The width and length can fit a large image as seen in photos of bands, music artists, and celebrities. You often see both poster dimensions in doctor’s offices and clinics, larger bulletin boards, and shops.

18x24 and 19x27 Poster Example


24” x 36” and  27” x 39” 

Large poster dimensions are used for outdoor advertising. These two sizes are the go-to for promotions in high traffic areas. They provide more than enough space for large text, high-resolution images, and colorful graphics. You also see these poster sizes at trade shows and exhibits.

24x36 and 27x39 Poster Example 


27” x 40” 

This is the standard size for movie posters that announce or advertise upcoming films. You might see these at bus stops, in malls and theatres, and other high traffic areas where movie goers are likely to pass through.  

27x40 Poster Example


Custom sizes are also available, ranging from 8.5” x 11” to 27” x 39”. Check out the posters page for more information.