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Movie Poster Printing

Bring Out the Cinema Lover in You with Movie Posters

Movies have been a huge part of the American popular culture since the 1920’s. This brought about the production of movie posters. In the early years, movie posters were mere hand painted crates and sandwich boards but then began to be an essential part of the whole movie experience. Initially intended to serve as bate for movie watchers, it is now used as memorabilia and even wall decors. Because of its importance and popularity, movie posters became an investment for not just pro but also aspiring film makers.   

These are few tips on how to create movie posters with the help of UPrinting:

• Get Inspiration – Exposing yourself to numerous movie posters will help you determine what colors, subject, font face and effects will work out together. For recreating printed posters, remember to look for images with high resolution. 

• Utilize Your Creativity – Explore the online design tool. It should allow you to upload images, insert texts and shapes. In recreating printed poster, you can choose from variation of sizes and materials.

• Ask for Help from Someone Credible - Hire a designer to do the work for you. Be sure to provide him/her a detailed explanation of the concept you want to achieve.

• Choose Appropriate Poster Material – Determine which material will suit your poster needs. You can choose from Bulk Posters (Card or Paper Stock with Matte or Gloss Coating), Large Format Posters (Most Durable Stocks), and Mounted Posters (Rigid Board Stock).


Creating and re-creating movie posters should not be of a hassle to anyone. Our printing services will help you throughout your track in movie poster printing. Call us at 1-888-888-4211 or hit the “Live Chat” on the upper right side of this page to inquire.