Spice Up Your Designs With 40 Samples of Creative Jar Labels
  by:  |  May 9, 2017

Last updated on December 20th, 2019 at 05:51 pm

Spices. Condiments. Preserved fruits. A jar can seal in all the flavor, but a nice label seals the deal. It’s easy to add a dash of excitement to your jars and bottles with creative jar labels. Good labels don’t just make your products stand out, they can also increase sales.

We collected a number of incredible jar label designs from all over the internet to help inspire your own label designs. Feel free to share your own discoveries in the comments below.

Harrods honey jar labels

Keyrin Kaswira

honey tea label

Tom Jueris

Fresh Easy Simmer Sauces Jar Label


Pickled herring jar label
Bas Brand Identity

beeline jar label

Kym Abrams Design

frieda's habanero jar label
Brittany Laughlin

Vitula's Jar Label

Kym Abrams Design

Dirty Apron Jar Label

Glasfurd & Walker

Sheilas jar label


Spiral Minces Jar Label

Frank Aloi

 El Zoco Jar Label

Estudio Amaya | Pulenta

Stokes Sauces Jar Labels

Firebrand Creative

Waitrose condiments jar labels

Lewis Moberly

Studio Spotlight jar labels

Moxie Sozo

Blanc jar label


Birano Jar Label

Coba Associates

Mason Jar Label

Alexis Champa

Chelsea Market Jar Label

Stefanie Stalder

Organic Honey Jar Label

Dareen Taji

Lovely honey jar labelsJamie Nash

13000 on fillmore jar labels


Deen Bros BBQ sauces jar labels

Evan Russell

Happy pills

Marion Donneweg

goya labels

Jimmy Stones

fortnum label for jar


janother chelsea market label

Emily Berry

leisure foods olive jar label


Texas T

Amanda Kulik

Vintage concept jar label

James Miho

Love saves the day jar label

999 Design

Sir Kensigntonss Jar label

Alvin Diec & Scott Norton

 Abella jar label

Bonnie Miguel

Giaant eagle jar label


Oh joy Labels

Oh Joy! Studios


Jen McCleary

high Vale Core preserves example label


Cafe label

Alisara Tareekes

jam jar labelling

Afonso Arraiano

nut butter labelling

Sylvia Suh

label for peanut butter jar

Grant Nicol

Some things to consider before designing your own creative jar labels

  • Plan your label designs around the overall package. You shouldn’t pick the labels that look the prettiest. Rather, you should choose the ones that best suit your specific intent. For example, clear BOPP labels will better highlight the contents of a transparent glass container. A matte paper label on the other hand, might better fit the brand you want to create
  • Understand your market. Your design should be appropriate for the specific market you’re trying to reach. Not creating a design specifically for a target market can cause some misunderstanding as to what the product actually is.
  • Check out the competition. Check your direct competitor’s jar labels and see if you can make yours look and feel better. You might be surprised how low the bar can be.
  • Choose moisture-resistant stock when appropriate. If your product is liquid or kept refrigerated, you’ll want to choose water-resistant plastic/film stocks such as white BOPP, clear BOPP, and silver metallic BOPP.
  • Consider using a hang tag. Hang tags can be used to complement regular jar labels with additional information, instructions, or even a story. In some cases, they can even be used to replace them.
  • Try custom shapes. Creative jar labels in eye-catching shapes can help hold your customers’ attention — hopefully long enough to close a sale.
  • Add FDA Nutrition Facts to your label when needed. The USDA has a new format for standard Nutrition Facts labels for packaged foods. Take some time to understand the requirements, as most small manufacturers will be required to use the label by July 26, 2018. Here’a helpful post on FDA’s new nutrition labels.


Creative jar labels add character and interest to the products they’re on. This may very well be the difference between a sale and “just looking.” To have your own jar labels printed, check UPrinting’s jar label printing services. We offer high quality label printing services. For inquiries, you can talk to us via 1-888-888-4211 or through live chat.

Disclaimer: Images on this page are not owned by UPrinting and are used solely for design inspiration.

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