Small Business Owners Share How #smARTpackaging Impacts Their Business
  by:  |  Dec 10, 2021
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Last updated on July 27th, 2022 at 06:40 am

Fact: Packaging influences consumer behavior.

A study by the multinational market research firm, Ipsos, will tell you that 72% of American consumers consider packaging a determining factor in their purchasing decision.

The statistics underline what we already know and experience—we, as consumers ourselves, buy with our eyes. As such, we often gravitate towards packaging that looks professional, secure, and provides clear product information.

custom bottle labels packaging

With this insight into consumer trends, many small businesses are taking action by investing more time and thought to elevate their packaging design.


People put a premium on packaging. Social media has become a good source to gauge how shoppers respond to subscription box offers, product packaging, and personalized promotional essentials.

Having featured hundreds of UPrinting customers on our social channels, we observed that attractive packaging (from boxes and pouches to sleeves and stickers) enjoys more engagement from followers and generates curiosity from potential customers.

Following this lead, we decided to dive deeper to understand better what drives the UPrinting Community to invest in customized packaging for their brands.

So, we launched the #smARTpackaging campaign and asked small business owners how packaging impacts their LLC business. Read on, and we hope you learn a thing or two from them.

B. Vain Jewelry

Bradley Miller, the owner & creator of B. Vain Jewelry, wanted to create packaging that reflects his brand—which he did and quite successfully at that.

smart packaging b vain jewelry custom wraps

He turned simple kraft boxes into gift-ready items without breaking the bank by adding custom printed wraps with neutral, calming, shell-patterned designs. The patterns represent the shells, pearls, and other natural materials he incorporates into his handcrafted jewelry.

Asked about how his packaging helps his brand and customer base grow, he answered:

“My packaging helps my business because it’s aesthetically designed to turn each order into a gift. Every customer knows that whether they are purchasing from my online shop for themselves or someone else, their purchase will arrive beautifully wrapped.”

Bradley’s advice to other businesses who also want to upgrade their packaging is to “take your time to think about what your business stands for and the image you want to convey to your customers.”

“You want to make sure that your packaging matches your business as a whole. Color choice, design, and tiny finishing touches all matter. You want your customers to think of your business and entice them to shop again every time they see your packaging.”

smart packaging bvain custom sleeves

B. Vain Jewelry offers fun and sophisticated handmade beach-inspired jewelry that promotes individuality and self-care. Shop their pieces on, and follow B. Vain Jewelry on Facebook and Instagram.


Moving on to another jewelry brand that needs to be on your radar, let’s all hold on to our jaws to stop them from dropping at AKAPELLA Goods‘ gorgeous custom boxes!

Founder and creative director Lauren Ordonez tells us that Latin America’s kaleidoscope of cultures inspires their box design and chiefly represents the beautiful spirit of Colombia, where they began.

Being a sustainable jewelry brand, she shares how important their packaging is for renewable, recyclable, and sustainability.

smart packaging akapella goods custom boxes packaging

“This respect for the environment and global well-being informs everything that we do,” she shares.

A striking aspect of their box design is the bold and colorful geometric pattern which also depicts how AKAPELLA values connection – with the planet and among ourselves.

“The geometric design is a representation that we are all greater than the sum of our parts. That we are all connected in our hopes to sustain the planet and the individual together.”

This connection also applies to how AKAPELLA interacts with its customers, with packaging at the forefront of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

“The packaging is the client’s first tactile experience with the brand. The care we put into designing the box reflects our care for all of our products. It lets the client know how important the small details are to us.”

Lauren’s motivation and careful consideration for AKAPELLA’s custom boxes is a learning opportunity for other small businesses. She was generous enough to establish brand value with every unboxing—and it starts with the right intention.

“There is no difference between your brand and your packaging. The box that lands in your customer’s hands are your one chance to make a first impression. Make it count.”

smart packaging akapella custom boxes packaging

Shop AKAPELLA Goods’ upcycled leather collection on Etsy, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Thinking Panties

For Thinking Panties founder Fabiana Pascali, aesthetics is not the be-all and end-all of packaging. There’s product protection to prioritize as well.

smart packaging thinking panties custom pouches

Fabiana spent years perfecting the concept of her business and was hands-on in every step of its development, from registering the brand to choosing the right product packaging.

Custom pouches became her product packaging of choice with equal consideration to both design and functionality. How does this add value to her business?

“Good packaging protects your products, and when on top of that it is eye-catching, your customers will definitely notice.”

Fabiana’s years of unwavering enthusiasm to realize her idea motivates her meticulous attention to detail. She tells us, “I think that when you put work, money, and energy in a product you love and believe in, every detail counts.”

And because we’re here to learn from these amazing entrepreneurs, we asked her what packaging tip can she impart to us all. Fabiana reminds us never to overlook the importance of making a good first impression.

“As the saying goes, “There’s no second chance to make a first impression.” I would recommend to all creators out there to invest a little money and design a visually interesting presentation.”

smart packaging thinking panties custom pouches packaging

Shop underwear you can write on! Visit to learn more. You’ll also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Gold Tooth Designs

Custom packaging can be expensive. But for Valia Sammarco, the creator of Gold Tooth Designs, it’s worth the investment. ⠀

Like many small LLC businesses, Valia started her brand with limited resources. Her hard work eventually paid off, and Gold Tooth Designs grew over the last year. She now focuses on creating cohesive branding and packaging for the business.

smart packaging gold tooth design custom pouch toppers

As to why these matter in this stage of her business, she shares:

“I think it’s important to be consistent and cohesive. Having custom packaging does exactly that.”

Valia expands her product line and begins adding custom packaging touches to her customers’ orders, starting with her pouch toppers with eyes set on her goal.

“My pouch toppers are the perfect final touch to my packaging. It adds color and branding in such a simple way while enhancing my customers’ experience. It’s like they’re opening a gift or a well-thought-out package.”

Gold Tooth Designs was inspired by Valia’s career in dentistry and named after the gold crown or the gold tooth, one of the best materials in restorative dentistry. The brand’s gold color symbolizes the gold standard, while purple represents dentistry and dental hygiene.

smart packaging gold tooth designs pouch toppers packaging

Browse Gold Tooth Designs dental goodies on, and follow them on Instagram for updates.

Stitching Blooms

There are two types of people who buy embroidery kits: those who want to try it themselves and those who want to give it as a gift.

This is how Stitching Blooms‘ founder and embroidery artist, Emily Provenzano differentiates her customers. While buyer intentions may differ, the goal for her custom box design is the same—to deliver unforgettable experiences through beautiful and professional packaging.

smart packaging stitching blooms custom boxes

“I think my custom boxes enhance both experiences. When shopping small, people come to expect those personal touches, and beautiful packaging takes the product up that extra notch.”

Emily’s box design draws inspiration from the natural, raw, and varied beauty of wildflowers and their capacity to bloom even in harsh conditions. She thinks they’re a perfect metaphor for how the world should be.

“I gave my designer these ideas, and he came up with this box design which takes the inspiration of wildflowers and combines it with modern shapes and my brand colors.”

Her custom boxes received positive feedback from her customers, who found the packaging perfect for giving away as gifts without needing any extra wrapping.

Before investing in professional packaging, Emily tried to cut corners by DIYing her box design. She tells us that the results fell short of the desired effect.

“As small business owners, we often put a lot of extra time into our packaging to make it professional and trendy. I used to hand stamp plain white boxes with my logo stamp, but it did not look as good and honestly didn’t save me very much money. I think the upgrade to custom packaging is totally worth the extra level of professionalism.”

smart packaging stitching blooms custom embroidery boxes

Stitching Blooms makes one-of-a-kind keepsake embroideries to help you capture and celebrate life’s meaningful moments. Visit their Etsy page to order and follow them on Instagram for updates.


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