How to Get Custom Packaging That Makes Your Brand Unforgettable
  by:  |  Oct 29, 2019

Last updated on November 15th, 2019 at 03:58 pm

Custom packaging can make or break a product. It helps make a product successful or discourage people from buying.

In Australia, the government established the plain packaging law, which requires all tobacco companies to remove their branding on cigarette packaging. The logo-free boxes contained only health warnings and images of smoking diseases.

Did it work?

It did. According to the Australian government website, plain packaging helped reduce smoking in Australia.

Getting Started With Custom Packaging

While badly designed packaging can discourage people, a cleverly constructed one can bring in more customers.

Your product packaging is the first thing that customers see. For people who don’t know your brand, it’s the only thing that will help them decide whether they’ll buy your product or not.

Whether it’s a product, mailer, or shipping box, your packaging should be professional and on-brand. It doesn’t matter whether you run a small mom-and-pop store or an enormous corporation—custom packaging should make your brand stand out from the rest.

Think of Apple’s minimalist packaging. Or Man Crate’s subscription boxes that you need to pry open with a crowbar. These are clever packaging that people instantly recognize.

It’s no surprise that customers love capturing their unboxing moments in videos. The box is part of the excitement.

According to a DotCom Distribution survey, 4 out of 10 consumers would share their pictures of their order in social media if the product comes in a unique, branded packaging.

Search for the term “unboxing videos” on Google Trends. You will see how people’s interest in these videos grew over time.

In 2006, the first unboxing video was uploaded to YouTube, opening the doors to other tech enthusiasts who wanted to share their finds with their followers.

Why are these videos popular? According to Andrew Davis, an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker on marketing, it is the curiosity factor. Audiences like to watch unboxing videos to see what other people receive in their boxes, especially mystery boxes. 

Why are unboxing videos popular? According to @DrewDavisHere, it has something to do with the curiosity factor. Click To Tweet

Also, the packaging is part of the allure. In most videos, the unboxer takes the time to carefully observe and make comments about the appearance of the package. 

With the unboxing trend taking off, brands can expect customers to pay more attention to packaging. 

What Type of Custom Packaging Should You Choose?

Good packaging enhances brand image and helps validate a high price point.

Your choice of packaging is as important as the product itself. Some purchases are emotion-based, especially when the customer is looking at two similar products.

With the right packaging, customers can make a purchasing decision based on what appeals to them the most.

Product Boxes

Order Product Boxes

According to Marty Neumeier, author of the book The Brand Gap, “A retail package is the last and best chance to make a sale.”

“A retail package is the last and best chance to make a sale.” @MARTYneumeier Click To Tweet

When you’ve exhausted all your advertising dollars, you need to ensure that your product stands out from the competition. 

Product boxes can help you define your brand and keep it on top of customers’ minds. Aside from protecting the product from damage, retail packaging features product information and branding elements that can help customers with their purchasing decision. 

Mailer Boxes

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If you’re selling subscription boxes or promotional kits, you need mailer boxes that are both sturdy and pretty. These are ideal for shipping small items like stationery and jewelry, or heftier products like clothing.

Mailer boxes use corrugated cardboard, which is great for stacking. The thick sheets of cardboard not only protect the contents from damage but also act as an excellent canvas for your brand design.

Shipping Boxes

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Shipping boxes may come as an afterthought. But every entrepreneur should see them as an opportunity to advertise their business.

What used to be nondescript brown boxes can now be printed inside and out in your brand colors. This makes it easier for customers to remember your brand long after they have received their package.

Choosing Your Box Size

Getting your product safely from factory to store, and ultimately to homes, is important. The size of your packaging determines not only the shipping cost but also how your product will be perceived.

A box that is too small can make you look cheap. A bigger one, on the other hand, might not provide ample protection for your products.

Box sizes are dependent on the size of your product(s) and on whether they are breakable or not. If you are shipping multiple items at once, it helps to have on-hand boxes of different sizes. For fragile items, it’s best to get a slightly bigger box and add some padding for protection.

How to Select the Right Material

Think of packaging as the house of your product. It should be sturdy enough to protect the product from damage and to withstand shipping. 

The caliper or thickness of your packaging should be compatible with your product and is well-suited to your desired result:

  • Is your product fragile? If your product is made of glass or other flimsy material, a 14 pt. cardstock may not be your best bet. Use a corrugated cardboard box instead.
  • Do you need lightweight packaging? Cardstock is an excellent choice.

Add Inserts and Other Marketing Essentials

Branding doesn’t stop with boxes. You can further customize your packaging by adding these marketing essentials: 

Type of PackagingWhat It Can Do for Your Business
LabelsLabels stick to almost any surface and are a great way to feature your logo and message. Available in cut-to-size and roll.
Packaging SleevesPackaging sleeves let you maximize your branding by printing your logo and colors. They also increase the perceived value of your product.
Hang TagsHang tags may contain important buying information like pricing, ingredients, and instructions. Add these to gift boxes to upgrade the look of your product.
Wrapping PaperWrapping paper is a great addition to marketing a brand. With logo patterns all over, wrapping paper can be used to promote any business or event.
Gift Certificates Gift certificates can be used to upsell or serve as a loyalty reward for customers. You can add sequential numbering for easy tracking.

Creating a Wonderful Unboxing Experience

It doesn’t matter the size of your company or the product you sell. In a competitive marketplace, great packaging is essential.

A custom box sets your brand apart from competitors selling the same product. It enhances the customer experience by allowing different colors, textures, and other elements to stand out.