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Custom Box FAQs

Find out what you need to know about ordering boxes, creating a design, and processing your shipment.
Custom Boxes
Your box size can fall within the following ranges, depending on the custom packaging box type. Indicate your preferred dimensions in the calculator and the image will show its estimated appearance. The size ranges for custom boxes are as follows:



Custom Product Box

Custom Mailer Box

Custom Shipping Box


0.75" – 30"

3” – 25”

2" – 30"


0.75" – 20"

2" – 25"

2" – 29"


1.75" – 20" 

1" – 15"

2.5" – 32"

The listed dimensions are for the box's interior. With the box open toward you, here's how to get the correct measurements for the inside of the box:
  • The length is measured from the left to the right side of the box.
  • The width is measured from the front to the backside of the box.
  • The depth is measured from the top to the bottom part of the box.