Creative Packaging: Elegant Wine Label Design Samples
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Wine label designs aren’t just to help customers choose between different wines. A wine label can be used to evoke a mood or recall a wine’s varietal, terroir, or other qualities. Wine label designs also play a key part in determining who you are able to appeal and market your product to. Labels can also serve to reassure customers they made the right choice with their purchase. Ultimately, the way you design your wine labels also has the potential to affect how your customers enjoy their wine.

Most importantly,  wine label design has a direct impact on your bottom line. Different wines often have a sameness that makes the choice of label even more important than it would be for other products. Wines are typically either white or red. Once a customer has picked a varietal and a price point, they’re often left with a couple of bottles and a need to make a decision. Given this context, the importance of a good wine label design becomes apparent. A survey of 2,000 wine drinkers confirms this, with 82% of the respondents admitting they made selections based on labels. A further 65% made a decision based on “perceived” price — something that labels can easily influence.
82% of the respondents admitted they made wine selections based on labels. Click To Tweet

Given how critical wine label designs are, it can be tough figuring out just exactly how your own wine labels should look. Designers have to balance branding and traditional consumer expectations with the need to communicate just exactly what sets one wine apart from the others. We compiled several stunning wine labels here to help inspire your own designs. Which one’s your favorite? Comment below.

Brandsummit Agency & Alex Monzó wine label

Brandsummit Agency & Alex Monzó

Fanakalo ★ wine lable

Fanakalo ★

Eszter Laki & Gergely Szoke wine label

Eszter Laki & Gergely Szoke

Mónika Rudics

Jordan Jelev wine label designs

Jordan Jelev

Jordan Jelev wine label designs 01b

Jordan Jelev

Belancio wine label designs


Belancio wine label design 02




Magdalena Toso / Bodega Pascual Toso labels

Magdalena Toso / Bodega Pascual Toso

Eulie Lee / De Yool Studio (디율) design wine labels

Eulie Lee / De Yool Studio (디율)

Ayesha Mathews Wadhwa labels

Ayesha Mathews Wadhwa

Krissy Ott sake label

Krissy Ott

Derek Perez wine label designs

Derek Perez


Mikhail St-Denis wine label design

Mikhail St-Denis

We hope you enjoyed drawing inspiration from those wine label designs as much we did collecting them.

When you’re ready to print your own wine label design, UPrinting can do it for you.

Be sure to download a free label template so you can better account for the bleeds, trims, and safe zones. Also check out our hang tags, a nice supplement or alternative to traditional wine labels.

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