Your Business Card as Part of Your Personal Brand
  by:  |  May 2, 2008

As a leader in online printing, the host of this blog, The U-Printing Network, offers high quality business cards for purchase.   The business card is sometimes overlooked as part of the creation of a personal or corporate brand.   Although in many cases it is the first impression that you can make as to your company, more often than not, companies go for a generic card, in lieu of creating a business card which says something unique about the company.    Here are some tips to help you create a business card that enhances your company or personal brand:

1.    Make it Memorable:   There is nothing easier to forget than a simple white card with black text with a name and an address.  The goal of the card is to make the person not only want to look at it when its handed to them, but for them to keep it.   You should always aim to make your cards unique enough so that they do not blend in with everyone else’s.

2.   Make it Fit Your Company:   Your business cards should reflect the nature of your company.  For example, a professional office like an attorney or accountant should be looking to design a card which shows the sort of professional polish that their company brings to its operations.   Other companies can experiment more with their card choices and create unique business cards which show the unique nature of the company.  

3.    Make it Part of Your Corporate Identity:     Your business card should be just one part of a complete corporate identity.   Remember that your business card is just one step in establishing a corporate identity.   Crafting a card with your corporate logo or preferred color scheme and then adding in letterheads and envelopes is a great way to create a certain image of your company in the minds of your customers.

As the old saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Since your business card is your company’s first impression, you should make sure that it does the job you want it to do.