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Why At-Home Sticker Printing Just Doesn’t Cut it
  by:  |  Dec 12, 2019

Doing your sticker printing at home may seem like the cheaper and more convenient alternative. But a do-it-yourself job doesn’t assure a quality finish and professional-looking materials. You’ll end up spending more on ink you won’t use in the long-run or paying extra on sticker paper that is cheaper if bought in bulk.

An experienced printing company such as UPrinting is the best choice for sticker printing. The quality is so good that it beats printing your own stickers at home, hands down. It’s more convenient, very affordable and absolutely hassle-free. Need more convincing? Read on for the specifics.

Why Professional Sticker Printing is Much Better

Lower cost per unit

Bulk stickers

You can buy 500 professionally-printed stickers for just under $50 from That’s a cost of $0.10 per sticker. Meanwhile, your average label pack costs about $20 for 100 labels at a cost of $0.20 per sticker label (not including the cost of ink and your time!) and for what ends up being exceptionally low quality.


When you order sticker printing through a professional online printer, you’re also getting the option to apply a high-gloss coating. That means your stickers will be more durable and last longer. Matte protective coating is also available for an elegant, soft finish.

Professional color sticker printing

This is your brand, your identity; don’t let it get washed-out thanks to at-home laser printer color capabilities. Instead, UPrinting’s sticker printing service does every run on a full-color, offset press. That means every sticker comes out bright, eye-popping and professional-looking.

Saves time

You have a business/life/family to run, do you really need to be spending your valuable time driving out to the Office Supply Hut, buying a generic label kit, wrestling with the layout on your computer and then fighting your printer to get each label printed? No.

So, why not leave your custom stickers printing to the professionals? Upload your file, design your sticker on our design tool or purchase a professionally designed template and we can print your order within 1 business day.