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What You Don’t Know about Door Hangers
  by:  |  Aug 4, 2008

We’ve talked previously about how door hangers can be a surprisingly effective advertising device.  What I’d like to do with this article is get more into detail in how you can use door hangers to jump start your next advertising campaign.

But why should you be considering door hangers?   First of all, they are a relatively inexpensive printed advertising device.  Not only can they be produced in a cost efficient manner, but since they are hand delivered, they do not require you to spend money on mailing costs. In addition, they are very versatile.   As the name implies, they can be hung on the doors of potential customers.  They can also be used as a hand out, their relatively small size makes them both portable and easy to keep and store.  Finally, they can be used as an alternative to postcards and brochures for distribution by leaving them on car windshields.

Aside from the ways they can be distributed, the door hangers themselves can serve multiple purposes. offers an option to add a detachable bottom to allow your door hangers to have coupons attached to them.  They can also be used as coupons, just like postcards can as well as event invitations.

To sum things up, you should really be looking at door hangers as possible part of your next advertising campaign. They’re versatile, relatively inexpensive and can fill many different roles.