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What to Look for in an Online Print Company
  by:  |  Jul 9, 2009

The online printing industry is exploding with websites offering up print services. But, how do you know if they’re any good and what should you look for in an online printing company?

A Good Online Printing Company Has…

Offset Printing Availability

A quality online print company should do more than basic digital printing. A serious, professional printing company will offer offset printing, a choice of paper stocks, quality inks and a range of run sizes. If your online printer is only dealing in digital prints, it’s time to move up to the big boys.

Short Run Availability

Just because you’re purchasing offset printing, that doesn’t mean you should be forced into job quantities that run into the thousands. Here at UPrinting, we start most of our offset printing jobs at quantities of just 500 units and for a lower entry price than most other printers who may start smaller.

Why? Because we know that most of our clients are looking for quick, small jobs done fast. Yes, we can handle high quantities too, up into the hundreds of thousands, but we pride ourselves on being flexible enough to handle the small jobs as well.

Fast Turnaround Times

You needed that print job yesterday, so stop dealing with online print companies with too-long turnaround times. At UPrinting, we offer a range of turnaround times at various price points from 1-6 business days. If you want it faster, you’ll pay a bit more, but if you can afford to wait a couple of days, you’ll save a bundle.

Free Proofing

A typical online print company makes you pay before they show you a proof or, worse, they don’t send you a proof at all. You simply have to trust that your job will turn out as promised. Not us, we offer free press-ready proofs on all our print jobs and before you pay.

Quality Presses

A quality online print company has quality printing presses. At UPrinting, we only use the best and we do it all in-house. And guess what? Many online printing sites don’t. They actually outsource their jobs to other print wholesalers meaning you don’t know who or what is printing your precious job.

Telephone Customer Service

If an online print company doesn’t put a customer service phone number on their website, don’t deal with them. You want to be able to talk to your printer, get your questions answered and follow up quickly, not spend days waiting for a reply email. Our number is 1-888-888-4211.