19 Ways Directional Signs Can Bring in More Foot Traffic
  by:  |  Dec 25, 2023
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Directional signs are a great way to draw attention and bring more people to your door. They are not just for guiding people but they also help pique curiosity, evoke excitement, and make the customer experience even more pleasant and memorable. This article will explore how you can use directional signs to drive more customers to your business.

Wondering what you can do about potential customers who walk past your store? Discover 19 clever ways to use directional signs and transform your store into a must-visit destination for shoppers!

Pique Their Curiosity

1. Create mysterious pathways on the sidewalk/storefront using floor graphics. Every passerby can turn into your potential customer. To instantly grab their attention, place intriguing floor graphics that will lead to your store. Doing this will not only make them curious, but it will also make them interested to stop and see what you have to offer inside.

2. Lead customers to a specific area in-store by dropping hints along the way. Who doesn’t love clues? Tease your customers and make them learn more about your products by subtly guiding them in various sections of your store with directional signs. Your signs can say “This way” or “Almost there” to keep your customers on their toes.

Interactive Engagement

3. Start a scavenger hunt and reward customers with offers or discounts. Turn every shopping experience into a fun and exciting adventure by strategically placing directional signs that hint about hidden treasures or rewards like special offers, discounts, or freebies. This will make customers enjoy shopping at your store and keep coming back for more.

4. Add QR codes to outdoor signs. QR codes are very common these days, and they make life easier, especially for businesses. Include QR codes in outdoor signs and make your customers feel extra special by giving them access to memberships, exclusive deals, and other helpful store information.

Get Artistic

5. Let shoppers know that your store is Instagram-worthy. Make your store go viral and get it all over social media by displaying eye-catching directional signs showing more artwork to see inside your store. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight your store’s visual appeal and attract influencers and customers.

6. Use chalk art in A-frames. Draw or write something witty with chalk art to advertise your products or services. Passersby would likely want to take a picture of your sign, share it with friends, and see what you offer in-store.

Chalk art - a frame signs

Celebrate the Seasons

7. Use outdoor signage that matches the seasons. Give your shop a warm, inviting, and festive look with seasonal directional signs. These are ideal for guiding shoppers to areas where you sell holiday merchandise.

Keep Them Entertained

8. Add pop culture themes to outdoor signs. Incorporate famous movie quotes, memes, characters, or images in directional signs. Not only will you grab attention, but you’ll also keep customers entertained and evoke excitement about what you have in store.

9. Amuse passersby. Laughter is a universal language and can be used to your advantage. Don’t hesitate to show your fun side by adding humor to your directional signs. Doing so can attract more customers and make them curious if you have more things that could possibly amuse them in your shop.

directional signs for pet shops

Events and Experiences

10. Promote pop-up events in-store. Be the talk of the town and promote pop-up events to create a sense of exclusivity for people in your community. You can use directional signs to lead potential customers to your event and even attract influencers you want to collaborate with.

directional signs - yard sale

11. Display directional signs that promote a grand re-opening. Show everyone your store’s new look by announcing a grand re-opening with directional signs. You can also get more people to visit your store by promoting discounts or special deals by hanging vibrant and attention-grabbing vinyl banners outside your store.

12. Host workshops to get people to sign up in-store. Knowledge is power, so don’t just limit your store to selling various merchandise. Host workshops or conferences and invite notable speakers that can inspire your customers. You can use directional signs to inform attendees where the venue is and have them sign up for the workshop.

13. Organize a raffle event. Who doesn’t love winning? Entice more people to come to your store by holding a raffle event. You can set mechanics like making a purchase to qualify for a raffle ticket and use directional signs to guide them in specific areas of your store.

Give Them a Good Deal

14. Promote an in-store sale or discount. People love to save money, so encourage them to stop inside for deals by giving them a bargain on some products. You can use directional signs to advertise your sale or help customers navigate their way to the sale section. Maximize the Potential of Indoor and Outdoor Signs

15. Choose the right sign types. Whether you’re displaying your signs indoors or outdoors, it’s essential to make sure that you use the right sign type. As much as possible, use signs that are vibrant, durable, highly visible, and weather-resistant so that they can last for a long time. Some examples include yard signs, aluminum signs, vinyl banners, A-frames, and more.

directional yard sign

Get Noticed Immediately

16. Set up your signs in high-traffic areas. With directional signs, visibility is a top priority. Place your signs in high-traffic areas so your ads or messages won’t go unnoticed. Even if people are hurrying to go somewhere, your store can still stick in their minds if your directional signs capture their attention.

17. Make use of arrows. The fastest and most straightforward way to guide people is to use arrows in your directional signs. With arrows, customers can quickly identify specific areas of your store even if they don’t have a map.

directional floor signs

18. Use bold fonts and colors. To create eye-catching directional signs, bold fonts and colors are a must. You want your signs to be noticeable to attract potential customers even from afar.

19. Use a catchy slogan or call to action. You can draw more people to your store using a catchy slogan or call-to-action in your directional sign. Customers won’t be able to resist your message if you give them a sense of urgency to visit your store.

Using directional signs to attract customers can help boost sales and create a positive experience for your customers. We hope these ideas can help you stand out from the competition and bring more customers to your store.

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