Featured Business Review: Virtual Images, LLC – When Excellence and Passion Meet
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Virtual Images LogoOne picture is worth a thousand words”.

As of yet, there hasn’t been a consensus on who first said this very famous line. Some attribute it to Napoleon, others to the philosopher Confucius, others to the Russian writer Ivan Turgenev. We might never know for sure who said it first. One thing we do know for sure though, is that those words are as true now as they have ever been. Good photographs and well made pictures and designs provide at a glance what often takes several pages on paper.

A similar outlook towards the visual arts led Mark Howard to form Virtual Images, LLC, a one man operation that specializes in providing high quality photographs for the healthcare industry. “I believe that photographs are far more effective than simple graphics at conveying images, moods and emotions. As a result, they leave a lasting memory that is key to a good marketing outcome”says Mark, a healthcare professional with over 25 years of experience in his field and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Virtual Images isn’t like most photography and design outfits on the market. A passion for photography coupled with a unique insight into the interests of the medical field give Mark a huge advantage over the competition. He explains “Virtual Images is unique in that I have 25 years in healthcare and understand the special needs of the physicians as they relate to patient care…Clients who elect to use me are typically drawn to the work I prefer to photograph. I shoot what appeals to me, not always what “sells best” or is the “hot item of the week.” Having a full-time PT business allows me to focus my photography on my areas of interests and not be forced to shoot the things that are more likely to “pay the bills”.Virtual Images

Not all of Mark’s photographs are related to the field of healthcare, though. Nature photography provides a venue for much of his more accessible work. “My most requested image is of a lone bison standing in the snow with a mountain backdrop in Yellowstone taken at -20 degrees.” he says. “This image was physically demanding to obtain and shows the fortitude of wildlife.”

Photos of this sort will be the bread and butter of Nature’s Gift Cards, a new product Mark will soon offer for retail sales. “[The cards]include a 4×6 photo of something in nature that evokes some form of emotion.” he continues “ These cards are then sold individually or in boxed sets with various themes and slogans.”

Mark also does web and graphic design, tailored around his customer’s needs. All design work is based upon determining the needs and interests of my client.” he explains “I try to avoid projecting my personal bias and instead try to understand the client’s likes and dislikes and then convey that during the design…The biggest challenge for me is being in the right place at the right time to capture the best images, while still juggling the responsibilities of work and family.”

Despite Virtual Images, LLC being a sole proprietorship, Mark doesn’t do it alone. He outsources certain types of work he doesn’t specialize in to other companies -including UPrinting. Virtual Images LLC has been with UPrinting for the past 3 years, using our printing expertise to help showcase his work . As a photographer and designer, Mark knows exactly what to look for in a printing service. “Delivery and Production have been outstanding. When items are needed in a hurry, you have always made every effort to meet or exceed my needs…The fine quality products prompt people to inquire where my customers get their products from. This reflects very positively on me. In addition, your ability to deliver promptly, keeps my customers happy.”


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