UStory: The Bandwagon Music Store and Repair
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There are businesses born out of necessity, and there are entrepreneurs who are bold enough to turn necessities into opportunities. This keen entrepreneurial drive is what came to mind when we had the chance to talk to Jeff and Kristi Henry, owners and operators of The Bandwagon Music Store and Repair.

We knew about them first when they ordered brochure printing for their musical product line, and again when they graciously shared with us their story and business journey.

Music Store and Repair on Wheels

The Bandwagon Music Store and Repair Trailer
The Bandwagon is a mobile full-service music store and repair shop that provides onsite affordable and professional band instrument repair.

So, who are they? 

The Bandwagon is a unique business concept, and a clever business name for a music store if you ask me. Described simply, “It’s a mobile store; the headquarters is not a store that is open to the public, but rather a repair shop and warehouse.”

We don’t usually see repair shops on wheels. Food trucks and bookstores, yes; but a music store and repair? Not so much.

But that’s not saying it’s not a great idea, surely not when mobile retail offers flexibility in products, services, and customer engagement with considerably lower overhead. On the contrary, having their store custom-fitted in a trailer enables them to bring their services to schools, thus creating a personalized and hassle-free experience for their clients.

More than their unique store set-up, Jeff and Kristi wanted to create a business that helps band and orchestra directors get the most out of their budget dollars. Thanks to their thorough understanding of how school budgets work and what band directors need and want for their programs, the Bandwagon concept was created.

“Created by a Band Director, for Band Directors”

Kristi and Jeff Henry Owners The Bandwagon Music Store and Repair
Kristi and Jeff Henry, Owner, and CEO of The Bandwagon Music Store and Repair

It’s no secret how understanding your clients, their needs and preferences, is important in creating professional services that build strong customer relationships. This is something The Bandwagon knows well, and unsurprisingly, has become the bedrock of their business.

Jeff was a band director for 25 years and has been repairing instruments since 1994, while Kristi was a drum major and plays in the German Band of North Texas among others. They both have considerable educational and real-life backgrounds in music, equipping them with the knowledge and experience to excel in what they offer.

“We provide onsite instrument repair, as well as customized instrument rental plans for schools.”

The majority of The Bandwagon’s customers are school districts, with the rest of their customer base consisting of universities and individuals. True to their business goal of helping band and orchestra directors maximize budgets, they offer customized instrument rental plans for schools, following a pricing plan that helps schools double their repair and instrument budget.

When asked what other products or services they provide, “We also manufacture our own brand of instruments, Orion. More complex repairs are brought to our repair shop for repair.”

People Browsing the Orion Musical Instruments Display

Business Challenges, Memorable Experiences

The Bandwagon’s setup may be unique compared to other businesses, but the challenges they face do not stray too far from the ordinary.

“Many challenges we face stem from potential customers who only want to do business with a large, chain music store.  Most likely, it has been that way for some time and they do not want to disturb the relationship.”

When asked how they overcome this barrier with potential clients, they added, “We typically ask for a chance to meet the school’s music needs and provide top-level customer service.” 

The Bandwagon Music Store Team With Orion Musical Instruments

Thankfully, the ride is not always bumpy and Henry, Kristi, and the Bandwagon team keep memorable experiences close to heart, reminding themselves why they went into the business in the first place.

I was curious as to which memorable experience stands out for them, this is what they shared:

“Besides making the business concept a reality, building out our Bandwagons has been memorable.  Our first Bandwagon was a 28-foot trailer that was constructed to our specifications.”

Inside The Bandwagon Music Store and Repair Trailer

The Bandwagon trailer is fitted with flooring, cabinets, and wiring to house the music store and repair shop. The trailer is stocked with instruments and other musical items that are preferred by band directors, and which can give them value for money. 

The UPrinting Brochure Experience

Trifold Brochure Printing Orion The Bandwagon Music Repair
The Bandwagon’s striking black and gold trifold brochure to promote their 
Orion Musical Instruments.

To spread awareness for their business, particularly the Orion Musical Instruments line, The Bandwagon Music and Repair Store hand out brochures to provide information to new and potential clients.

“We have used UPrinting brochures to help provide information about our business and what sets it apart from other music stores. The UPrinting brochures for our Orion line of instruments has been important in the growth of our line.”

The UPrinting brochures for our Orion line of instruments has been important in the growth of our line. – The Bandwagon Music Store and Repair Click To Tweet

They were happy to share more about their UPrinting experience, describing it as easy, our online tool a breeze, our customer service quick, and their order, delivered on-time.

“Working with UPrinting has been easy. The online tools are a breeze and the online chat has quickly answered any questions I had. My order arrived when promised and looked just like the proof.”

Experience the same quick and hassle-free brochure printing at UPrinting.

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If you want to learn more about The Bandwagon Music and Repair store, you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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