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Ivette Moreno’s transition from educator to entrepreneur is not just about building her own brand, but also providing opportunities for other women to do the same.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, join us as we highlight the stories of remarkable women in business who uplift and empower their communities.

We’re starting right off with Ivette. Watch her story today!

The owner and founder of Maestra Creations is a former teacher who uses her teaching skills to guide her clients in building their businesses.

“I’m a former elementary school teacher and so I was able to bring those teaching skills from the classroom to my business to be able to teach other women to do the same thing that I am currently doing,” Ivette tells us.

The COVID-19 lockdown became a turning point for the teacher-turned-business owner. She quit her job due to the pandemic to be her own boss. Without missing a beat, Ivette poured passion, creativity, and hard work into Maestra Creations, which has since paid off.


According to the 2020 data from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the number of small businesses hit a whopping 3.15% increase from the previous year. That’s 31.7 million SMBs that make up 99.9% of businesses in the United States.

We cannot imagine what small businesses go through to keep their companies afloat. And with a considerable amount of competition, how do they even stand out?

While some brands do so by adapting to the changing trends, Ivette relies on the trusty formula of providing quality-made products and excellent customer experiences — which has immensely helped her sustain business growth.

“I feel like what makes my business stand out is that I make time for my followers, I make time for my audience, my customers, and I answer anything, any questions that they have about tumblers, about glitter, about the business side. And I am able to reach an audience in English and Spanish.”

Unboxing More Opportunities With Custom Boxes

Ivette Moreno shows off her Maestra Creations custom boxes

Creating memorable experiences for her customers motivates Ivette to ensure that every step of the way, her clients get a good sense of what her brand can offer: meaningful connections, learning opportunities, and… personalized packaging.

Custom boxes complemented these experiences and opened more doors for her to reach a wider audience. According to Ivette:

“My customers are in love with my boxes and they really stand out every time they are being shipped. And every time the customer receives them, they save the boxes and reuse them for other things.”

“I definitely could not do that without UPrinting. Their quality is amazing and I will always recommend them,” she adds.

We are beyond thrilled to have helped inspiring women in business, like Ivette, realize their packaging goals. And, as always, we love supporting small businesses.

If you want to know more about Maestra Creations, visit, and follow Ivette on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates.


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