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Branding. Don’t we sometimes catch ourselves throwing the term around willy-nilly? We do, right? But for the professionals who create them and businesses who need them, branding is their identity.

In April 2020, The Succulent Shop, a boutique plant shop in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, sought the help of Kelly Grantham, the owner and creator of Beyond Design Co., to build them a website, design their custom boxes, and create a brand that captures their personality.

Kelly was more than happy to.

Kelly unofficially started Beyond Design Co. in 2018 while working on a freelance gig. Projects started coming in one after the other, which made Kelly realize how much she wanted to make the business official. And so, in 2020, she did.

Since the launch of her branding and website design studio, Kelly has enjoyed working with clients from her home in Oklahoma and all over the country.

“I’ve had a number of great clients I’ve had the honor of working with. One of them being The Succulent Shop.”

The client planned a big launch right in the middle of a pandemic, so Kelly made sure to create something special for them.

“They had a unique taste for their brand, so I wanted to create a special website that showcases their personality and their love for plants. I also wanted it to be very versatile because they had a lot of needs for their website,” she shares.

Designing Custom Boxes for Plant Kits

Kelly was also tasked to create the packaging and design for The Succulent Shop’s DIY plant kits, which have everything you need to make your very own succulent arrangement at home.

Taking everything into consideration, Kelly needed a box that’s big enough to fit everything inside. The box has to be durable because it will be shipped off nationwide. Most of all, it must have that brand, “a sparkle that we were looking for,” she adds.

Essentially, a #smARTpackaging solution that can guarantee a memorable unboxing for the shop’s customers.

Kelly started searching for businesses that she could work with. Lucky for us, UPrinting was on her list.

“I hopped on to the UPrinting website and I have worked with them before way back in 2017. I think I created Christmas cards and birthday invitations. I was really happy to use them for a bigger project like this because we needed to get a lot of boxes and we wanted to get it just right.”

Find out how Kelly created The Succulent Shop’s custom box design using UPrinting’s online design tool. Watch!

Kelly had worked with other printers before where she needed the download a PDF of the template so she can get the dimensions right, then proceeds to create her design in Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign. But this time, she was willing to give UPrinting’s online design tool a try.

“I thought about doing that, but I was like, you know what, I’m gonna give this design software a shot. And I was happy that I did! There was a bit of a learning curve trying to figure out how to place items, but I picked up on it quickly. The system itself ended up being a breeze to work with.”

Kelly and her clients agreed on ordering a prototype box to make sure that everything meets their standards: box quality, design placement, coloring—everything.

When the custom box finally came in the mail…

“It was amazing! The shop owners loved it. I loved it. And so, we officially ordered a whole batch of boxes and they’re now being used at the shop.”

The Succulent Shop custom box

The UPrinting Experience

While Kelly’s review of UPrinting’s design tool is enough to make us blush, she has more to share. Naturally, we’ll drop it here:

“Once I submitted my order for the prototype, they contacted me and let me know that that they have proofed it and some coloring wasn’t right. So, I went ahead and contacted customer service hoping for a good experience and I was blown away.

The gentleman that I was on the phone with stayed on the line with me for almost an hour as I uploaded new images and that made my experience 100% worth it.”

Speaking of experiences, Kelly’s working relationship with her clients is something we admire. She tries to stay in touch with them and even took her mom and son to the shop for a playdate. And you guessed it—they had a blast!

Kelly Grantham Beyond Design Co

If you need professional branding, SEO, website, and marketing services, look no further than Beyond Design Co. Visit to learn more. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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