Useful Tips and Inspiring Stories From Women in Business
  by:  |  Mar 27, 2023
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Last updated on October 10th, 2023 at 08:43 am

March is Women’s History Month! And we’re celebrating it by highlighting the women in business, whose roles and contributions to their communities and the SMB industry make for inspiring, share-worthy stories.


Celebrating Storytellers

Every Women’s History Month has a theme. This year, it’s “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories”.

According to the National Women’s History Alliance (NWHA), “Women have long been instrumental in passing on our heritage in word and in print to communicate the lessons of those who came before us. Women’s stories, and the larger human story, expand our understanding and strengthen our connections with each other.”

While our knowledge of women’s contributions to various social, cultural, and economic spheres, is limited, we do know some amazing stories from the UPrinting community’s women in business.

We’ve picked some to share with you today.


Small Business, Big Impact

What many small businesses lack in size, they make up for in awareness, empathy, and initiative. They can turn real-life experiences into ideas that can impact their audience and community in the best possible ways.

Speaking of impact, there’s one woman-led brand that instantly comes to mind.

“Joy Bomb” care packages for moms on labor and on the delivery floor at local hospitals.
H/t @alittlesomethingalotoflove

The most important thing you need to know about A Little Something A Lot of Love is that it’s “dedicated to the idea that a small bit of kindness goes a long way to bring a lot of love to others.” In this case, women who are going through pregnancy loss.

While healthcare services and support communities are available, the World Health Organization shares that it is still a taboo subject worldwide, “linked to stigma and shame.” As such, women choose to remain silent about their grief.

Emily Landers, the owner, and founder of A Little Something A Lot of Love, experienced a miscarriage herself. Not only did she choose to open up about her experience, but she also rallied support for those who need help in their journey to healing.

She found her glimmer of hope through a newfound mission—to help other women and families going through something similar.

She created the “Joy Bomb”, care packages for moms in labor and on the delivery floor at local hospitals. She tells us,

“After going through a miscarriage, I decided to make and put together these joyful, magical, and uplifting gifts for moms. Inside each Joy Bomb are hand-made Beach Glass Treasure Candles, Gemstone Chakra bracelets, Wishing Jars, Rainbow Makers, chocolate, and tea.”

The Joy Bomb from her brand, “has been the best way to honor her sweet angel baby,” she adds.

Thankful for her family’s and friends’ support, Emily’s heart goes out to other moms who are not as lucky.

“Every time a bracelet is purchased one is donated to a mom going through miscarriage in my Joy Bomb care package. Each month, the Joy Bomb gift package is donated to local area hospitals, thanks to your support.”

In February 22, Emily shared in an Instagram post that they have donated 437 Joy Bombs to moms who go through a miscarriage, still birth, or pregnancy loss.


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Money Talks

Limited funding and financial management are among the biggest challenges small businesses face. One Google search will give you hundreds of tips and guides on how to master your cash flow.

But what do actual business owners experience in terms of managing their money?

So, we asked. And we got answers, straight from the boss.


Every Bit of Bossy is a brand “created for entrepreneurs and all of the working girls”. It is also the home of “Post Office Run Business Bags.”

Founder and creator, Kanesha, answered our questions on budgeting and money-saving tips to ensure her business thrives.

According to her, the biggest part of her budget is allocated toward branding and shopping supplies.

“I want every customer to have the ultimate experience when ordering from Every Bit of Bossy and the best way I can guarantee that, is with my branding and shipping supplies!

That’s exactly why I love UPrinting. I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost a decade and their quality plus the cost is hands down unbeatable! I’m able to create a great unboxing experience for my customers and save while doing so!”

As for her tips on managing business expenses, Kanesha recommends thorough research when buying for your business and to “always compare prices.”

“You will save so much money this way! Also, if you can DIY, then do it yourself.”

Kanesha also recommends YouTube as platform for learning from experts and other SMB owners.

“YouTube is literally a small business owners’ best friend! I created my channel for this very reason. I really wanted to help small business owners with things that no one really talks about. It’s also ok to start smart and expand later!

It’s something special about seeing your growth this way!”



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By Women, for Women

Profit and social impact are not mutually exclusive. Some, like Little Women Goods, choose to combine both goals to create a brand that captures the style and sensibilities of womanhood.

Find Little Women Goods every Sunday at Melrose Trading Post, LA, and every
second Sunday of every month at Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena.
H/t @littlewomangoods
Owned by LA-based artist Rosaline Zhang, the feminist gift shop sells stickers, enamel pins, apparel, and more, that celebrate the diversity and beauty of womanhood.

Creating the designs and illustrations herself, Rosaline’s works are full of wit and truth, with messages that can inspire and empower the modern femme.

Our favorite so far is her collection of ceramics that celebrate the beauty of the female form.

“Little Woman Goods is a woman-owned and women-operated business that draws a socially conscious audience of women and their supporters.”

Follow Little Woman Goods on Instagram at @littlewomangoods
Check out their shop at

Sharing stories to communicate the lessons and knowledge gained from experiences are among our favorites. These stories are relatable, informative, and aspirational not just to other women in business, but to everyone, wherever they are in their entrepreneurial journey.

What female-led brands do you love and support? Let us know in the comments.


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