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UPrinting Relaunches UCommunity NPO Sponsorship Program
  by:  |  Jan 22, 2013

Los Angeles, CA ( –23,  January 2013) is relaunching the  UCommunity Sponsorship Program, the first ever NPO sponsorship program of its kind in the printing industry. Qualified non-profit groups may now enjoy up to $1,000 worth of free print credits. For NPOs on a budget, these print credits can go a long way in helping spread their advocacies.


Jennifer Silverman, who manages UPrinting’s sponsorship programs says “The UCommunity program is just UPrinting’s way of participating in the community by giving back to those organizations who are out there trying to help others”.

Participating non-profits may qualify for a range of sponsorship packages, including discounts and free print materials. Says Silverman “UPrinting aims to help smaller non-profits through this program. Many smaller NPOs simply don’t have a large enough public profile to encourage donations – yet. We hope this program can help change that.”

In addition to giving the UCommunity program, UPrinting is giving full sponsorship opportunities for community events put on qualified non-profit and for-profit cause-oriented groups.

The UCommunity Program is open to all non-profits in the US. To get started on your proposal, visit to see the list of requirements and to fill out the provided application form. UPrinting reviews and replies to all e-mailed UCommunity applications within 24 hours.

Interested NPOs may also contact or call 800 381 3441 ext. 7112  for additional questions and inquiries.]


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Arthur Piccio is a feature writer and subject matter expert for theUPrinting Blog.