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Unique Ways to Use a Business Card
  by:  |  May 28, 2008

As we discussed previously, one way to get the most out of your business card is to remember that the business card is two sided.   The back side of your business card can be invaluable as a sales and marketing tool.  However, the back of the card area can also be used directly to aid the operation of your business.

For example, you can use the back of the card as an appointment card.  You can have business card printed with your information on the front and spaces for the date and time of the customers next appointment on the back.  Remember, the one of the primary purposes of a business card is for customers to want to keep the card.  Having information that they need , i.e… the date of their next appointment, on the back of the card is a great way to encourage the customer to keep the card.

We all want our customers to refer us business and pass our company information onto others.    One way to do this is to use the back of the card as a referral card.   You can set up your card so there is a space for the customer to put his name on the back of the card, so that he can receive credit for customers he or she refers.  If you give the customer incentive to pass the card on, he or she is likely to do so.

Finally, you can print cards in the business card format for your own internal use as well.  You can have survey cards and raffle drawing cards printed on business card stock for your customers to fill out.  This is a great way to gather customer information and do so with a professional looking card.   Having a business card on good paper stock is much more professional and impressive to a customer than a pre-printed notepad page.  Plus, having your own cards specifically for this purpose is going to seem like much less of a grab for potential customer information than a request for the customers to deposit their own business cards.

In conclusion, the business card is so much more versatile than most people realize.  Although it remains a great way to get your information to a large number of people, it can do so much more for your business than just give people your name and address.