Top 10 Paid Press Release Distribution Sites
  by:  |  Sep 5, 2008

In our last post we listed the Top 5 Free Press Release Distribution Sites for businesses on a budget, so today we have brought you a list the Top 15 Paid Press Release Distribution Sites. These sites are an incredible way to attain traffic, backlinks and major media coverage quickly.

Once again I highly recommend having a professionally written press releases with a good hook, which should increase the chances of the article being picked up by journalists and major news sources world-wide.

When writing your press release, remember that the title is often the most important part, because more often than not, only your title would be displayed on the press releases sites. This means your title must be interesting enough to ensure further reading.

Once you have your article ready, sign up to the sites below which are within you budget and have categories relevant to your article to start submitting!

Paid Press Release Distribution Sites