Featured Business Reviews: Time for a Walk – Devoted Pet Care Services in Arlington, Virginia
  by:  |  Jul 28, 2010

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Time for a Walk logoIn a perfect world, it would be alright to spend all our days playing or cuddling with our Rovers, Fifis, Mr. Whiskers, and Nermals. Alas in this real world, errands, work, or school will ultimately beckon and we’ll have to leave our little friends at home. This may be troubling for those of us who don’t have family or friends who can take our dogs out for walks, or clean our kitties’ litter boxes. Fortunately for pet owners in Arlington, Falls Church City, and select areas of Alexandria and McLean, VA, Christina Keough and her husband, Jonathan founded Time for a Walk in early 2007 to offer pet care services in the area. This came about as their response to the lack of affordable, quality pet care in Arlington, and of course, from the couple’s passion for animals. Since then, the company’s reasonable rates and their dedication to the happiness of their clients’ pets have allowed Time for a Walk to expand into an operation of 40+ dedicated dog walkers and pet sitters, requiring a full-time office manager and office assistant. Aside from dog walking, Time for a Walk offers services such as overnight pet and house sitting, driving a pet taxi (in case your pet needs to be transported anywhere within the Washington metropolitan area), and helping with medications. It’s not just the fuzzy-wuzzy animal friends who get the Time for a Walk treatment, too. Pets with scales, fins, and feathers are also welcome at Time for a Walk! “Parents” need not worry about their pets not receiving enough love and care from Time for a Walk’s team. The company’s owner, Christina promises “We will never hire a dog walker, pet sitter, or caregiver whom we wouldn’t feel comfortable hiring to serve our own dogs, cats, and other pets. “ In fact, the company defines their success by their ability to care for other people’s pets as if they were their own. According to Christina, a client recently told her that her dog walker was treating her 17-year old Brittany Spaniel, Fifi, even better than she (the owner) when walking in the heat. The walker brings cool water and a cloth to wet the dog’s coat so she doesn’t get overheated. When the owner asked her dog walker about it, she replied “It’s what I do for my own dog.

14th Annual walk
The team at the 14th Annual Walk for the Animals. At Bluemont Park, Arlington.

Time for a Walk‘s staff are certified by the Red Cross in pet first aid and, are members the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), Pet Sitters International, and the Northern Virginia Professional Pet Sitters Network. Time for a Walk‘s love for animals also extends to contributing time, resources, and money to organizations like Best Friends Animal Society, Homeward Trails, Animal Welfare League of Arlington, and People Animals Love. As a valuable service for pet owners around the Arlington, Virginia area, it’s important that pet “mommies” and “daddies” know that they shouldn’t fret if they have to temporarily leave their pets because Time for a Walk will be around to help. To make sure that pet owners know where to find them, the company gives out brochures, postcards, and business cards produced by UPrinting. Christina finds that UPrinting’s reasonable prices allow her to purchase twice the amount of marketing materials (compared to her regular printer) while still being able to stick to her budget. She says “I was tickled to find a company that could provide not only a quality printed product with a quick turn around time, but they’re very inexpensive. What’s not to love with that?” Nothing at all, if it means pet-owners have quick and easy access to Time for a Walk‘s brochures and business cards that tell them all about the company’s services and location. In our less-than-perfect world where we are compelled to leave our little friends every now and then, Time for a Walk steps in to give us that much needed assurance and peace of mind that our pets are not only taken care of, they are loved just as well.